SpongeBob Voice Changers

SpongeBob Voice Changers

Voicecoders aren’t exactly a novel invention since the first version of the device was created in the 1930s. What’s more, the AI assistant for hands-free dialing capable of generating voices was constructed in the 1950s.

The contemporary versions of voice changers are far more powerful than their distant cousins. As a result, AI voice changers are capable of replicating almost any voice you can think of, including SpongeBob voice generators.

These tools allow you to modulate your voice in real-time, enabling you to add a comic element to your gaming sessions or simply protect your privacy. So, let’s look at the top six SpongeBob voice changers and how to use them.

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Top 6 Spongebob Voice Changers & How to Use Them


MorphVOX Interface

MorphVOX Interface

You don’t have to be a tech geek if you want to sound like SpongeBob. All you need to do is install MorphVOX Pro on your Mac or PC and tweak its Custom Voice feature until you get the results you want.

To make things even better, MorphVox lets you adjust voice settings and modulate your voice as you speak. The software utilizes a robust algorithm to cancel background noises and ensure your SpongeBob voice is crystal clear.

This voice changer supports integration with popular streaming platforms like Twitch or Discord, among others.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Free trial (PC only), $39.99 one-time payment

How to Use MorphVOX

Step 1. Go to the product’s home page and download its Mac or PC version

Step 2. Open the Custom Voice feature after you install MorphVOX on your computer

Step 3. Adjust the settings to sound like SpongeBob

Step 4. Launch an online gaming session or a social media live stream and start using the voice you created

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Uberduck.ai Interface

Uberduck.ai Interface

Despite being primarily a tool for creators who want to make music with AI vocals, Uberduck.ai is still a reliable option for anyone who’d like to sound like SpongeBob. The online software utilizes text-to-speech or speech-to-speech technology to create or modulate voices.

However, it cannot modify voices in real-time as you must either enter text or record the audio before the software can alter it. Consequently, Uberdcuk.ai isn’t an ideal option for social media content creators or gamers who want to change their voices in real-time.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Free, Creator – $96 per year, Enterprise – starts at $500 per month

How to Use Uberduck.ai

Step 1. Go to Uberduck.ai and choose the Text-to-Speech option on the home page

Step 2. Type SpongeBob SquarePants in the Choose a Voice box

Step 3. Select Natural Speech, Text-to-Speech, or Voice-to-Voice option

Step 4. Provide text or audio input

Step 5. Save the audio recording


Voicemod Interface

Voicemod Interface

As one of the most versatile voice changers on the market, Voicemod is an obvious choice for anyone who wants to experiment with voice modulation. The software comes with a rich voice and audio effects libraries, but you’ll have to use its Voicelab feature if you want to sound like Spongebob.

Voicemod also has a variety of SpongeBob audio effects you can play while streaming a video game, but you won’t be able to use these effects to modify your voice. Hence, changing your voice to Spongebob’s may take some figuring out if you’re not familiar with voice modulation options.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Free

How to Use Voicemod

Step 1. Head over to the Voicemod after installing the software

Step 2. Toggle the Voice Changer and Hear Myself options on

Step 3. Start speaking and adjust settings to sound like Spongebob

Step 4. Optionally, you can use the available SpongeBob audio effects


Voice.ai Interface

Voice.ai Interface

You may have a hard time getting your voice to sound just like SpongeBob’s with Voice.ai because you’ll have to adjust its settings manually to get the result you want. Still, Voice.ai has thousands of voices in its library, which makes it a near-perfect voice changer for Zoom meetings, live streams, and countless other contexts.

Moreover, the cross-platform software has a voice cloning feature, so you can easily train it to speak like SpongeBob by introducing samples of the cartoon character’s speech. Aside from being a real-time voice changer, Voice.ai is also the voice creator, so you can create the voice of any SpongeBob SquarePants character.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Voice.ai is free

How to Use Voice.ai

Step 1. Launch the software after you install it on your Mac or PC

Step 2. Use the Voice Cloning tool to train the AI to sound like SpongeBob

Step 3. Alternatively, you can tweak the Real Time Voice settings to create SpongeBob’s voice

Step 4. Open a messaging app or play a video game to start using the voice you created


Voxal Interface

Voxal Interface

Robot, Darth Vader, or Astronaut are some of the voice presets that come with Voxal. Sadly, SpongeBob’s voice isn’t among them. You’ll have to use the software’s Create Your Own Voice option if you want to sound like this cartoon character.

Once you’re done, you can simply speak into the microphone to start using the Spongebob voice you created on Discord or Skype. What’s more, you can effortlessly switch between voices in real-time, which enables you to change characters.

It’s also worth noting that Voxal lets you save all audio effects you make, so you’ll only have to generate SpongeBob’s voice once.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Free download. A commercial license costs $60. The home use license is $50

How to Use Voxal

Step 1. Restart your computer after installing Voxal

Step 2. Click the New icon in the upper left corner of the software’s screen

Step 3. Name the effect SpongeBob and click OK

Step 4. Choose appropriate effects and adjust their settings to create SpongeBob voice

Step 5. Save the effect and use it in a live stream or a messaging application


Spongebob Voice Generator - FakeYou

Spongebob Voice Chnager – FakeYou

Generating SpongeBob’s voice with an online platform like FakeYou will save you the trouble of going through the software installation process. Besides creating audio and video files, you can train this AI tool by uploading voice and voicecoder models.

FakeYou’s voice library currently features approximately 400 voices, so in addition to SpongeBob you can also sound like Selena Gomez, Paul McCartney and countless other celebrities. However, you can’t use this voice changer to sound like SpongeBob on Skype or Twitch in real time.

Moreover, the maximum length of audio files you can create with the Voice to Voice feature is limited to just four minutes.

Key advantages

Notable downsides

Price: Plus ($7 per month), Pro ($15 per month), Elite ($25 per month)

How to Use FakeYou

Step 1. Go to the FakeYou homepage and create an account.

Step 2. Choose the Text to Speech or Voice to Voice option.

Step 3. Type SpongeBob in the search bar and select one of the available options.

Step 4. Insert text or upload an audio file, then adjust the settings and download the file FakeYou generates.

FAQs on SpongeBob Voice Changers

Do SpongeBob Voice Changers Have Audio Length Limitations?

Real-time SpongeBob voice changers don’t limit how long you can use a voice effect. However, you may face file size limitations if you want to apply the SpongeBob voice effect on an audio recording.

Can I Use Voice Changers to Create Voices of Other SpongeBob SquarePants Characters?

Almost all voice changers offer the Custom Voice option that allows users to create different voices. Creating voices of SpongeBob SquarePants characters can be difficult and time-consuming.

Are SpongeBob Voice Changers Safe to Use?

You shouldn’t be concerned about safety if you want to use SpongeBob voice changers. All software products that offer this voice filter protect the privacy of their users.


All products we included in this article can make live gaming sessions or online calls a little more entertaining as they allow you to sound like SpongeBob. How difficult it will be to pull this off will depend on the software you choose.

Uberduck.ai or MagicMic allow you to apply a voice filter that will make you sound like SpongeBob, while Voice.ai gives you the tools you need to create the custom version of the cartoon character’s voice. Leave a comment and let us know which of the best SpongeBob voice changers you’re going to choose.


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