Paramount Plus has quickly become a leading streaming service, boasting many classic shows, blockbuster movies, and captivating original content. What happens when you can’t watch your favorite show live? Although Paramount Plus doesn’t have a built-in recording feature, you still have options! This guide explores the best ways to “record” on Paramount Plus and save your favorite content.

What is Paramount Plus? – A Streaming Powerhouse

Paramount Plus offers a vast array of entertainment, from iconic series like Star Trek and SpongeBob SquarePants to hit movies and exclusive originals like 1883 and Halo. With so much to watch, it’s understandable that viewers want the flexibility to record shows and watch them later, especially when life gets busy.

Does Paramount Plus Offer Recording Support?

Unfortunately, Paramount Plus is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service that lacks traditional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or cloud DVR functionality. You won’t find a record button in the Paramount Plus app or website.

The Workaround: Recording Paramount Plus Content

Don’t despair! While recording directly within Paramount Plus is not possible, there are several reliable workarounds to capture your favorite shows and movies. These are three tested methods:

FocuSee: The Best Screen and Video Recording Software

FocuSee is a user-friendly and powerful screen and video recording software that sets itself apart as an exceptional option for capturing Paramount Plus content. It’s packed with features designed to make recording a breeze.

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Why Choose FocuSee?

How to Record Paramount Plus with FocuSee:

Step 1: Download and Install FocuSee

Visit the official FocuSee website and download the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac). Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Create an Account and Activate FocuSee

Create an Account and Activate FocuSee

Step 2: Launch FocuSee and Configure Settings

Open FocuSee and familiarize yourself with the interface. Choose your desired recording area (full screen or a specific window), audio source (system sounds or microphone), and output settings (video format, quality, etc.).

How to Record a Video with FocuSee

How to Record a Video with FocuSee

Step 3: Start Recording

Navigate to Paramount Plus and play the video you want to record. In FocuSee, click the “Record” button to begin capturing the content.

Step 4: Stop Recording and Save

After recording, click the “Stop” button in FocuSee. You can then preview the recording and save it to your desired location on your computer.

Record Paramount with Plus Built-In Windows Option

The Xbox Game Bar offers Windows users a convenient and free way to record your screen, including Paramount Plus content.

Xbox Game Bar: A Quick Overview

How to Record Paramount Plus with Xbox Game Bar:

Step 1: Open Xbox Game Bar

Press the Windows key + G to launch the Xbox Game Bar.

Step 2: Start Recording

Click the red “Record” button in the “Capture” widget (or press Windows key + Alt + R).

record with Xbox Game Bar

record with Xbox Game Bar

Step 3: Stop Recording

Click the red square “Stop” button in the recording widget that appears (or press Windows key + Alt + R again).

Step 4: Access Your Recording

Your recording will be saved in the “Videos” folder, in a subfolder called “Captures.”

Xbox Game Bar is primarily designed for capturing gameplay footage, so it may not offer the same level of customization or features as dedicated screen recording software like FocuSee./p>

Record Paramount with Bandicam

Bandicam is a popular Windows screen recording software with a robust set of features for capturing high-quality video, including from streaming services like Paramount Plus.

Bandicam: What It Offers

How to Record Paramount Plus with Bandicam:

Step 1: Download and Install Bandicam

Visit the official Bandicam website and download the software. Install it on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Configure Recording Settings

Open Bandicam and choose the “Screen Recording” mode. Select your desired recording area, audio source, and output settings.

Step 3: Start and Stop Recording

Click the “Rec” button to start recording. Navigate to Paramount Plus and play your video. When you’re finished, click the “Stop” button in Bandicam.

Full Screen Recording

Full Screen Recording

Step 4: Save Your Recording

Bandicam allows you to preview and save your recorded video.

Bandicam is a paid software offering a free trial with limited functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why doesn’t Paramount Plus have a DVR feature?

Paramount Plus is a VOD service, meaning content is streamed on demand rather than broadcasted on a schedule. VOD services typically don’t offer DVR functionality.

2. Can I download shows on Paramount Plus?

Yes! Paramount Plus offers an offline viewing download feature. However, downloads are only available for selected content and expire after a set period of time.

3. What’s the best way to guarantee high-quality recordings?

Using dedicated screen recording software like FocuSee or Bandicam generally yields the best results in terms of video and audio quality audio.


While Paramount Plus doesn’t offer direct recording, you can still capture your favorite shows and movies using screen recording software or hardware. FocuSee is a top recommendation due to its user-friendliness, high-quality recordings, and unlimited recording time.


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