Microsoft PowerPoint is a strong presentation tool that allows presenters to incorporate notes to guide them through their slides. However, there may be times when you wish to conceal your notes while presenting, whether to preserve a professional look or keep your material hidden until the appropriate time. In this post, we’ll look at two methods for hiding notes in PowerPoint presentations, allowing you to select the one that works best for you.

How to Hide Notes in PowerPoint While Presenting

How to Hide Notes in PowerPoint While Presenting

Presenting with confidence frequently necessitates a sense of secrecy, which PowerPoint facilitates by providing several methods for hiding your notes. From Microsoft’s official technique to the new TalkEze tool, we’ll walk you through the procedures to ensure your presentations stay polished and professional. Whether you’re giving a key business proposal, an enthralling educational lecture, or any other presentation, these approaches will give you complete control over your material, ensuring that your audience only sees what you desire. So, let’s get started and discover how to hide notes in PowerPoint:

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Why You Want to Hide Notes in PowerPoint

Notes are a useful tool in PowerPoint that lets presenters keep track of crucial points, script details, and reminders throughout a presentation. However, there are strong reasons why you should keep these notes hidden when presenting:


Hiding your notes might improve the professional appearance of your presentation. It creates the idea that you have properly practiced and understood the material, eliminating the need for notes.

Audience Engagement:

If your audience notices your notes, it might be distracting and cause them to lose focus on your message. Hide notes to keep their attention and keep them hooked by your material.


You may be giving sensitive information you do not want your audience to view too soon. Hiding notes guarantees that sensitive information stays hidden until you release it.

Improved Flow:

Knowing your hidden notes might help you deliver them more smoothly and confidently. You can maintain a natural flow and speed throughout your presentation without the distraction of visible notes.

Reduced Anxiety:

Knowing that notes are concealed might help many speakers relax. It gives you peace of mind knowing that if you ever need to refer to your notes, you can do it without anybody noticing.

Creating Suspense:

Hiding notes might be smart. It helps you develop anticipation and tension in your audience, which is particularly useful if you want to divulge essential facts or shocks gradually.

How to Hide Notes in PowerPoint

Maintaining professionalism and audience involvement is critical in the area of presentations. One method is to hide notes in PowerPoint, which keeps your information sharp and tidy. In this part, we’ll look at two strategies for concealing notes in PowerPoint while presenting.

Method 1 – Official Way

PowerPoint allows you to hide notes officially, ensuring your presentation stays clean and distraction-free. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1. Start PowerPoint and open your presentation.

Step 2. Select “Slide Show” from the ribbon at the top.

Step 3. In the “Monitors” category, choose “Use Presenter View.” Click it.

Choose Presenter View

Choose Presenter View

Step 4. Start your presentation by clicking “Slide Show” in the bottom-right corner.

Step 5. Starting your presentation, the slide you’re showing on the main screen will accompany notes, slide thumbnails, and presentation time on your laptop or other monitor.

Step 6. This approach lets you see your notes and other information while your audience views the slide without interruptions.

Method 2 – TalkEze

While the official PowerPoint solution works well, it does need several displays or devices. TalkEze is the option for a more simplified method that automatically hides notes during screen sharing or recording. TalkEze is a tool that will help you deliver perfect presentations. It’s ideal for expressing oneself without pauses, interruptions, or apparent notes.

If you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps to have TalkEze hide the presenter’s notes:

Step 1. Sign in to your Gemoo account, or you can sign in via Google or Apple ID.

Sign in to Gemoo TalkEze

Sign in to Gemoo TalkEze

Step 2. Visit the Personal Center to check your account information and subscription type.

Note: Review TalkEze’s price options and pick the one that matches your requirements.

Step 4. Set up your Notes in TalkEze before you start creating your script. Add a new script either by inputting it manually or importing a .txt file.

Step 5. Edit your script for readability, altering font size, adding formatting like bold and italic, and picking text colors.

Adjust Font Size And Formating

Adjust Font Size And Formating

Step 7. Start your PowerPoint presentation slide show. Keep TalkEze script widnow open and it will be automitcally hidden during the recording or live streaming of PPT.

With TalkEze, you can concentrate on presenting your presentation without worrying about your notes being seen by others. It’s a simple option for presenters who appreciate professionalism and a clear narration during presentation.

Finally, whether you use the official PowerPoint technique or TalkEze’s automatic approach, hiding notes may substantially improve your presentations. It keeps your audience interested, maintains professionalism, and keeps your material within reach. So, the next time you present with PowerPoint, try using these techniques to up your presentation game.

Final Thought

Maintaining a polished and competent delivery is essential in the presenting arena. Hide notes in PowerPoint is a simple but efficient approach. Whether you use the official PowerPoint approach or TalkEze’s seamless automation, your audience will enjoy a distraction-free, entertaining presentation. This not only boosts your professionalism but also keeps your material in the limelight, where it belongs. So, while preparing your next PowerPoint presentation, remember these tips. They are the keys to taking your presentations to the next level and creating an impression on your audience.


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