Are you starting the journey of employee onboarding? Simplify the process with cutting-edge video makers. These tools offer user-friendly interfaces and powerful features, allowing you to make visually appealing and instructional content without advanced technical skills. In today’s fast-paced business world, creating engaging and informative onboarding experiences is essential for setting the right tone from day one.

Employee Onboarding Video Makers

Employee Onboarding Video Makers

This article will explore the top 10 employee onboarding video makers. Not only do these onboarding video makers save time and resources, but they also enhance comprehension and retention through multimedia storytelling. You can foster a sense of connection and understanding as you welcome newcomers with professionally crafted onboarding videos. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, these tools cater to all scales, ensuring a smooth and effective integration of new talent. Let’s begin to learn the top tools in detail!

What Is the Orientation Video for New Employees?

The orientation video for new employees is a helpful introduction for people who just started working at a company. It’s like a welcome movie that tells them about the company, its values, and how things work. The video usually covers essential topics like the company’s history, mission, and people working there. It also explains the basic rules and procedures so new employees know what to do. The video might introduce key team members and show them around the workplace, helping newcomers feel more comfortable. Overall, it’s a friendly guide to getting new employees started on the right foot and making them feel like part of the team.

What Should Onboarding Video Include?

An effective onboarding video should encompass crucial information to ease the integration of new employees into the organization. Key components include:

Top 10 Onboarding Video Makers

In this part, we will introduce 10 onboarding video makers.


When creating the perfect Employee Onboarding Video, look no further than Clippa. This user-friendly solution revolutionizes the video creation and editing process, making it effortless and budget-friendly. With FocuSee, producing professional-looking onboarding videos becomes a seamless experience, requiring only a fraction of the time, energy, and cost. This innovative tool can record your webcam and screen simultaneously, enhance your onboarding video via adding filters and transitions, and offer rich stock media to alleviate your onboarding video to a new height.

Onboarding Video Maker - Clippa

Onboarding Video Maker – Clippa

Clippa makes your onboarding videos more shareable by effortlessly resizing content for various social media platforms with just a simple click. As the ultimate Employee Onboarding Video Maker, Clippa simplifies the video creation and video editing process, offering powerful features to make your onboarding outreach impactful, efficient, and genuinely stand out.

Key Features

Pricing revolutionizes employee onboarding with its cutting-edge software. With 140+ built-in AI presenters and customizable brand avatars, businesses can craft engaging onboarding experiences effortlessly. The platform offers diverse templates and eliminates the need for cameras or equipment, employing realistic AI avatars to guide new employees seamlessly.

Onboarding Video Maker -

Onboarding Video Maker –

Additionally, the latest voice cloning feature enables users to replicate and synchronize their voices with their custom AI avatars. This innovative toolset empowers users to craft personalized and engaging content seamlessly.

Key Features



FlexClip’s free online onboarding video maker offers a streamlined and robust solution for crafting compelling visual content. You can seamlessly clip footage and images to instantly create comprehensive onboarding programs that engage new employees. With an array of onboarding video templates for inspiration, the platform empowers users to infuse their unique media, effortlessly introducing work, training, and clear timelines.

Onboarding Video Maker - FlexClip

Onboarding Video Maker – FlexClip

Providing crucial information, resources, and support, FlexClip ensures a user-friendly experience that is both efficient and impactful. Try it for free now and transform your onboarding process into a dynamic and engaging journey for new team members.

Key Features



You can enhance your employee onboarding experience with Animoto, a dynamic video maker that transforms the mundane to-do list into a visually captivating journey. Animoto’s innovative approach ensures new hires are engaged through a narrative that succinctly conveys vital information. Incorporating a calming acoustic track and a soothing pale green color scheme enhances the onboarding process, making it both informative and pleasant.

Onboarding Video Maker - Animoto

Onboarding Video Maker – Animoto

You can make impactful marketing videos effortlessly with Animoto’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. From novices to seasoned professionals, it empowers businesses to create attention-grabbing marketing videos that elevate brand visibility effortlessly. Get started for free!

Key Features



VIBBIO is a user-friendly video maker that requires no prior experience. You can start by capturing content by recording yourself or your screen, uploading videos or images, and incorporating free stock clips, photos, and music. It’s easy to edit your story with quick video editing, text overlays, and subtitles, enhancing the final product with intro and outro sections.

Onboarding Video Maker - VIBBIO

Onboarding Video Maker – VIBBIO

Share your polished onboarding videos effortlessly by exporting them in minutes, downloading them to post anywhere, or sharing a link for online viewing. With VIBBIO, creating impactful onboarding content for new hires becomes simple and accessible.

Key Features



Streamline and enhance your employee onboarding process using the power of video with Powtoon. You can foster a positive company culture through engaging onboarding videos that efficiently guide new hires to success. Integrate these empowering videos at the onset of the employee lifecycle, promoting satisfaction and retention. Whether opting for pre-made templates or creating a video from scratch, Powtoon ensures a user-friendly experience.

Onboarding Video Maker - Powtoon

Onboarding Video Maker – Powtoon

Key Features


Steve AI

You can unlock a world of creativity with Steve AI, offering many themes and creative assets for impactful videos. It provides unparalleled customization on the go, allowing you to effortlessly strike the perfect balance between personalized content and standardized formats. The innovation of AI-powered auto-generated scripts makes scripting a breeze, streamlining the process for your video projects.

Onboarding Video Maker - Steve AI

Onboarding Video Maker – Steve AI

The platform offers rich graphics, videos, and music assets, providing everything you need for seamless and dynamic customization. It ensures seamless collaboration, making the video creation process smooth and efficient for all team members. The explainer video character maker simplifies animation, making Steve AI your go-to solution for visually stunning and engaging video content.

Key Features



HeyGen is another best employee onboarding video maker. You can utilize the employee onboarding video template to facilitate easy integration into the company’s culture and values. Moreover, use innovative features such as Generative Outfit, Custom Avatars, Voice Cloning, Photo Avatar, Text-to-Speech, AI Avatars, and Templates.

Onboarding Video Maker - HeyGen

Onboarding Video Maker – HeyGen

With HeyGen, you can access diverse tools to create personalized and engaging onboarding content. Furthermore, explore Zapier integration for seamless workflow management. HeyGen empowers organizations with cutting-edge technology, providing a user-friendly platform for a comprehensive and impactful onboarding journey.

Key Features



With its cutting-edge Company Onboarding Plan Template, Zavvy is your premier destination for employee onboarding video creation. From managing tasks, posing relevant questions, incorporating rich content, and sending reminders, Zavvy ensures a comprehensive onboarding plan.

Onboarding Video Maker - Zavvy

Onboarding Video Maker – Zavvy

The platform goes beyond the conventional, offering a dynamic space for messages and fostering clear communication throughout the onboarding journey. With Zavvy, crafting an effective and engaging onboarding process has never been easier, revolutionizing how companies welcome and integrate new team members.

Key Features



Pitchy is your go-to solution for effortlessly transforming smartphone footage into captivating visual narratives. With Pitchy, the process is simplified as you choose from various templates and video styles tailored for your clips, presenting new team members with flair.

Onboarding Video Maker - Pitchy

Onboarding Video Maker – Pitchy

Narrate your story by seamlessly integrating your logo showcasing your company culture and values through compelling text, animations, and other impactful features. Elevate your onboarding process with Pitchy, where creating engaging and professional videos becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Key Features


Custom Pricing

Final Thought

In conclusion, choosing the right employee onboarding video maker is crucial for a smooth and effective onboarding process. Each of the 10 options discussed offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs. Whether you prioritize customization, ease of use, or interactive elements, there’s a suitable tool for every preference. Consider factors like budget, scalability, and user-friendliness when making your decision. By investing in a reliable onboarding video maker, you’re not just streamlining the orientation process but fostering a positive and engaging experience for new hires, setting the foundation for their success within your organization.


Let everyone enjoy a simplified workflow of video creating, editing, and sharing.