Are you looking the best way to breakdown your complex data into simple yet stunning visuals that receipients can digest to understand, and grasp all the info you want to pass across? If so, an infographic maker is all you need.

With an infographic maker, you can easily create aesthetic designs with all of the important data/information you need to share printed on it. The resulting content can then be distributed among the corresponding recipients. Mind you, you need the best infographic maker to do this, and we will share with you the best 8 that’s worth trying in 2023.

What Infographic Maker Is Used For?

With infographic maker, you can achieve the following:

How Do You Create High Quality Infographic?

Prior to creating an infographic, you need to put some things in place if you wish to get the best result. Check them out below:

Should you have all of the aforementioned criteria put in place, you can easily create high-quality infographic from the comfort of your home.

A Review of 8 Best Infographic Makers for 2023

Now that you already know how yo create top quality infographic, let’s take a step further into the best infographic makers to use in 2023. Below, we have a detailed review of the 8 top-rated infographic makers:


Canva is one of the most successful infographic makers of all time. With this tool, you can easily build incredible designs that attracts recipients towards reading your content. Canva can be operated by anyone, irrespective of their tech proficiency. All thanks to the intuitive interface. This simple yet powerful tool can also take care of your photo editings, as it lets you cut, trim, and merger images.

Best Infographic Maker - Canva

Best Infographic Maker – Canva

Canva’s Key Features

Canva’s Limitations

Supported Platforms



Got no graphics design skill but wish to create a visual asset with professional touch? DesignCap has got your back. This app comes with an array of templates, including video, image, and more that you can edit to aesthetic designs with your data printed on it. Besides infographics, DesignCap is also capable of creating posters, flyers, invitations, book covers, etc.

Best Infographic Maker - DesignCap

Best Infographic Maker – DesignCap

DesignCap’s Key Feature

DesignCap’s Limitations

Supported Platforms



Creating elegant designs became easier than ever before with the advent of Biteable software. This tool is committed to building high quality graphics without stressing you. It uses AI to process all of your input, so as to generate the most incredible results. You can also use Biteable for your editings, as it lets you manipulate or make adjustments to photos, videos and more. Another quality property of this program is the collaborative feature, which lets you share photos, and videos for honest comments before publishing them.

Best Infographic Maker - Biteable

Best Infographic Maker – Biteable

Biteable’s Key Features

Biteable’s Limitations

Supported Platforms



Venngage is a professional infographic maker built for designers to brainstorm, organize, and transform their ideas into stunning visual content. Like Canva, Venngage supports countless templates that you draw inspiration from. You can also recreate ready-made templates to fit your design needs. With Venngage at your disposal, you can easily up your design game.

Best Infographic Maker - Venngage

Best Infographic Maker – Venngage

Venngage’s Key Features

Venngage Limitations

Supported Platforms


Another great tool to consider for your infographic projects is the program. This tool makes designing easy for beginners. With the comprehensive interface, you can easily manipulate existing designs, or build new ones effortlessly. Unlike many professionally claimed platforms, stands out because of the unique features it holds.

Best Infographic Maker -

Best Infographic Maker –’s Key Features’s Limitations

Supported Platforms



Piktochart is one of the leading graphics design tools that has been around for over a decade. This tool is committed to building high quality designs. It lets you organize your ideas into understandable designs for your students and clients.

Best Infographic Maker - Piktochart

Best Infographic Maker – Piktochart

Piktochart’s Key Features

Piktochart’s Limitations

Supported Platforms


Individual & Business


Visme is the best graphics design solution you can invest in as a marketer. With this program, you can create ads, mock-ups, presentations, and more without stress.

Best Infographic Maker - Visme

Best Infographic Maker – Visme

Visme’s Key Features

Visme’s Limitations

Supported Platforms



Snappa is the best tool if you are looking to create a professional graphics for your blogs, or social media posts. You can also use this tool to make lovely designs for advertisement. It’s one of the fastest infographics makers on our list. Just do you have your designs ready ASAP, Snappa supports several customizable design templates you can recreate to your taste.

Best Infographic Maker - Snappa

Best Infographic Maker – Snappa

Snappa’s Key Features

Snappa’s Limitations

Supported Platforms


What to Avoid in Making Infographic?

Find below the DON’Ts of infographic:

Final Thought

With the aforementioned infographic makers, you can create mind blowing designs for your projects. These tools are well-known worldwide for the quality results they generate. No tech skill required to operate any of these tools. You should try them out. However, mind you, we advise that you consider your budget and project requirements before investing,


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