When it comes to using images for your business, blog, or creative projects, watermarked pictures can detract from the professional look you’re striving for. Especially when dealing with images from stock photo websites like 123rf, removing watermarks is often the last step to perfecting your presentation. However, navigating through the sea of watermark removers can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the top 123rf watermark removers. These tools not only help you maintain the integrity of your visual content but also save you time and effort in the process.

Awesome 123rf Watermark Removers

Awesome 123rf Watermark Removers

Top 4 123rf Watermark Removers You Must Have

Wipit: AI Image Watermark Remover

Wipit is a powerful tool designed specifically for removing watermarks from images with ease and precision. With its advanced AI technology, Wipit offers a seamless solution to eliminate unwanted watermarks while preserving the quality and integrity of the original image. By uploading your image to Wipit, you can leverage its intelligent algorithms to automatically detect and select the watermark area, distinguishing it from the image content. Alternatively, you have the option to manually paint over the watermark using the brush tool for more control.

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123rf Watermark Removers – Wipit

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Key Features of Wipit:

Pros of Wipit

Cons of Wipit

• Focused on AI erasure mode, with fewer erasure modes compared to competitors.
• Currently, it only supports PNG and JPG image formats.

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online: Your Go-To Tool for Pristine Images

In the digital realm, where images speak volumes, the presence of watermarks can be a significant hindrance to achieving that crisp, clean look. Enter Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online, a beacon of hope for professionals and hobbyists alike looking to remove unwanted watermarks and blemishes from their images. This online tool offers a straightforward solution that spares you the hassle of heavy software downloads and complex editing processes. Its accessibility and ease of use make it an indispensable asset for anyone in need of quick image clean-ups.

123rf Watermark Removers - Aisseesoft

123rf Watermark Removers – Aisseesoft

Key Features of Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online:

Pros of Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online:

Cons of Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online:

InPaint: The Advanced Solution for Flawless Image Restoration

When it comes to the fine art of digital photo restoration, InPaint stands out as a powerful ally. This software transcends the traditional boundaries of watermark removal by offering a rich set of features that cater to a wide array of image editing needs. Whether it’s an unsightly logo, an accidental blemish, or an unwanted intruder in a once-perfect shot, InPaint tackles these issues with precision and ease. With its user-friendly interface and sophisticated algorithms, InPaint is engineered for both novice users and seasoned professionals aiming to restore their images to their original glory without watermarks or other distractions.

123rf Watermark Removers - Inpaint

123rf Watermark Removers – Inpaint

Key Features of InPaint:

Pros of InPaint:

Cons of InPaint:

Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online: Streamline Your Image Editing Process

Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online emerges as an accessible and efficient solution for those in need of a quick and straightforward way to remove watermarks from their images. This online tool caters to users who prefer the convenience of not downloading additional software, providing an immediate, on-the-go service that is both dependable and user-friendly. Whether you’re a blogger, a graphic designer, or just someone looking to clear away distractions from your personal photos, Vdimore offers a no-frills approach to image editing that makes it an attractive option for basic watermark removal tasks.

123rf Watermark Removers - Inpaint

123rf Watermark Removers – Inpaint

Key Features of Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online:

Pros of Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online:

Cons of Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online:

How to Download 123rf Images without Watermark

Downloading images from 123rf without watermarks is a topic that often comes up among individuals seeking high-quality stock photos for their projects. If you follow the steps thoroughly below, you will need to purchase the license for the image you want to have for a price. The price of each image can fluctuate based on the size, type of license, and pricing options you select.

Step 1: Visit the 123rf website and create an account if you don’t already have one. If you do, simply log in.

Step 2: Use the search bar to find the image you desire. Use specific keywords to narrow down your search results.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the image, click on it to view the purchasing options.

Step 4: Select the appropriate license for your usage, which will determine the cost of the image. Licensing options may vary based on whether the image will be used for personal, commercial, or extended purposes.

Step 5: Add the image to your cart and proceed to checkout. You’ll need to provide payment information to complete the transaction.

Step 6: After purchasing, you’ll have the option to download the image in various sizes and resolutions, all without a watermark.

FAQs on How to Remove 123rf Watermark on Images

1. Is it legal to remove watermarks from 123rf images?

It is legal to remove watermarks only if you have purchased the image or have the copyright holder’s permission.

2. Will removing watermarks affect the image quality?

High-quality watermark removers aim to maintain the original image quality. However, the process may vary based on the watermark’s complexity.


In conclusion, watermark removal is an essential skill in the digital age, particularly for those in the creative and marketing industries. With tools like Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online, InPaint, and Vdimore Free Watermark Remover Online, you can achieve clean, professional-looking images that elevate your projects. Remember, while these tools are powerful, they should be used responsibly and within the bounds of copyright laws. By following the steps to legally download watermark-free images from 123rf, you can use these watermark removers to fine-tune your images to perfection.


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