Best Wrike Alternatives

Best Wrike Alternatives

Managing workflow as an individual or company can be pretty challenging, but not anymore in this digital era where you have work management tools. With these tools, you can organize, manage, and collaborate efficiently without stress. Several tools are designed for this purpose, and Wrike is one of the best.

With the Wrike work management platform, you can plan and track the workflow within your organization as an individual or team, depending on the nature of your business. Like most work management tools, Wrike offers subscription-based services. From free to unlimited subscription packages, you can select from to enjoy all the features Write supports.

While Wrike is well-known for its quality services, there are other tools you could use in place of it. Are you looking for a perfect alternative to the Wrike work management tool? We are here to help you out. Our team has sifted through the net for efficient Wrike alternatives. Results will be shared here in this article.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a brilliant work management tool that suits all your work needs. From helping you plan schedules & projects to organizing them in order of priority to managing your team and lots more. This tool is famous for the quality features it holds. It’s a simple work management platform with a clean interface for easy operation.

It offers excellent collaboration features that you can select from to manage your team from anywhere, anytime. Send projects to specific members and get responses without delays. Wrike is a web-based work management platform that doesn’t require installation. All end-users need is an internet-enabled device connected to a strong data network for quick access.

Wrike finds application in several industries, such as marketing, design, and more. This tool has nearly everything you need, however, it isn’t without its downsides- one reason you need an alternative. The next section of this article will focus on why users need a Wrike alternative.

Why Do We Need Wrike Alternative?

As earlier stated, Wrike isn’t without its shortcomings. Find below some important reasons you should source an alternative for the Wrike work management platform:

Poor Collaboration Features

Even though Wrike boasts of quality collaboration features, you must be mindful of the type of tools it supports. This software doesn’t support a built-in private chat system. Instead, it comes with a chat system that allows you to post comments publicly.

Bad User Interface

The Wrike work management tool has a clean interface. However, it is not a simple one, as most beginners can’t navigate around. Only professionals in the tech space can operate the platform smoothly. Newbies have to practice it frequently to get familiar, so they can turn into Wrike gurus in the future.

Expensive Subscription Packages

Wrike services are offered in free and paid versions. The free allows you to use some of the features the work management tool supports. To access everything this platform holds, you must subscribe; the subscription package isn’t budget-friendly. Many small organizations cannot afford the pricing plans offered on Wrike.

The points above are some of the limitations of Wrike. Folks looking for a better alternative should check out the top 26 work management tools listed in the next section of this article. However, mind you, these Wrike alternatives also have cons, but they are worth your investment.

25 Top Wrike Alternatives

Here are some world-leading Wrike alternatives confirmed by experts in the work management space:


Free SmartSheet Alternative - Hive

Hive Interface

Hive is a powerful collaboration tool for work management. It’s a highly efficient work management utility with an interactive user interface that lets you and your clients or teammates collaborate effortlessly. This tool beats every project management system to rank first because of its excellent services.

With Hive, you can create, organize and manage tasks from anywhere around the globe. Plan meetings and attend promptly, share and receive feedback on assigned tasks, categorize projects in order of priority, and more- all of these are what you enjoy on the Hive work management tool.

Another quality feature tucked into Hive is the powerful integrations. Hive integrates perfectly with mailing platforms like Google Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Unlike Wrike, Hive pricing plans are affordable. Both small and large-scale businesses can subscribe to the premium packages.

Hive Features

Why Choose Hive Over Wrike

Hive Pricing

User Rating


Idea Management Software - nTask

nTask Interface

nTask is a powerful software program tailored to meet all your project management needs. With this tool, you can create tasks and categorize them in order of priority by assigning dates or color tags so that you can execute them at your convenience. Using nTask is easy as it’s not dependent on your tech proficiency.

This work/project management tool can also function as a time-tracking system. It helps you monitor your project progress and the time to complete it. Additionally, you can use it to plan meetings, manage risks, and more. nTask lets you collaborate with teammates at zero cost fee. Take full control and grant access to competent members so they can manage tasks in your absence. Use the chat feature to send and respond to messages from co-workers.

nTask Features

Why Choose nTask Over Wrike

nTask Pricing

User Rating


Airtable Interface

Airtable Interface

Airtable, a simple yet professional Wrike alternative, is an all-in-one project management software program with a wealth of customizable features you need to optimize your business. It helps you collaborate with teammates effectively, so your organization can reach the top you’ve always wanted.

This tool permits you to create schedules, assign tasks, and set priorities & deadlines. Airtable work manager integrates with many apps, such as Slack, Gmail, and more. This way, you communicate and share projects with members via other productivity platforms.

Plan content and access them easily using the advanced search tool found on Airtable. Airtable is accessible by Windows and Mac operating system users. Hence, you need not worry about compatibility. Airtable offers cheap subscription plans, unlike Wrike, which is costly.

Airtable Features

Why Choose Airtable Over Wrike

Airtable Pricing

User Rating


Best Workflow App - Smartsheet

Best Workflow App – Smartsheet

Here is another efficient tool to collaborate and enhance workflow within your organization. Smartsheet is an intuitive program loaded with fantastic work management features. Several industries rely on this tool to bring their projects and tasks to reality. Smartsheet can easily divide your projects into manageable to-do lists for quick completion.

This Wrike alternative, Smartsheet, helps you control your team from anywhere around the globe. Imagine a tool that allows you to create tasks, assign them to teammates, track progress, send comments, and receive feedback without stress- all of these are what Smartsheet offers.

Smartsheet is cloud-based, offers both spreadsheet and Gantt charts, and allows you to attach and share files easily. Automating workflow within an organization got easier with Smartsheet.

Smartsheet Features

Why Choose Smartsheet Over Wrike

Smartsheet Pricing

User Rating


Hibox Overview

Hibox Overview

Hibox is a modern work management program that helps execute projects promptly by keeping your team focused on crucial tasks. It’s one of the simplest tools on this list. This project management system permits you to create tasks, share them with competent members, and set deadlines so members can deliver before the due date.

Take advantage of the collaborate feature to communicate project briefs with teammates to avoid frequent redo. This way, you save yourself stress and maximize time. Hibox is a non-installable program and is internet dependent. It offers flexible subscription packages, which are cheap.

Hibox work management system has an advanced search field- a feature often used to browse and quickly access scheduled tasks. It allows you to select and share files directly from your hard drive. Alternatively, you could import them from cloud facilities like Dropbox, Box, etc., should you have your files stored there.

Hibox Features

Why Choose Hibox Over Wrike

Hibox Pricing

User Rating


Task Automation Software - Jira

Jira Interface

Jira is a top-quality work management software you could use in place of Wrike. It’s a perfect alternative because of the simplicity of the user interface and the aesthetic features it holds. This platform provides you with various ways to view projects. From the Kanban to Scrum boards and more.

With this project management program, you can quickly track your progress without difficulty. Folks in the tech space (engineers and software developers) find Jira handy because of its ability to manage big-related issues. Create roadmaps, get real-time reports, and monitor backlogs in one place without hassles.

Jira allows you to collaborate with teammates conveniently. It’s well-customized with a built-in chat system for you to reach out to team members. Jira allows you to add urgent projects to sprint and complete them within the shortest possible time.

Jira Features

Why Choose Jira Over Wrike

Jira Pricing

User Rating


Idea Management Software - Asana

Asana Interface

Asana is an industry-leading collaboration tool often used to create, organize and manage projects online. This work management system helps you plan your routine so as to avoid distractions. Teams from all over the globe employ the services of the Asana project management tool to reach out to one another and ensure every member is up to the task.

It helps you automate workflow and coordinate the affairs of your firm by sending real-time reminders so you stay on track with every project. Scale your business to the top level without further ado with Asana. This tool provides you with real-time charts and visual highlights of previous and future workloads.

Asana is a highly effective project management solution and a better alternative to Wrike. It offers installable versions on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS devices. You can also access this tool online, as it supports web versions.

Asana Features

Why Choose Asana Over Wrike

Asana Pricing

User Rating


Idea Management Software - Trello Interface

Trello Interface

Here is another feature-rich Wrike alternative- Trello. This work management solution is nicely designed with a straightforward interface. It has a drag-and-drop feature for you to move projects between boards. With this feature, you can separate completed tasks from unfinished ones.

Trello provides end-users with Kanban boards to view their projects. Create to-do lists and execute them faster by assigning tasks to each team member. Both small and large businesses can invest in this Wrike alternative as it offers flexible pricing plans.

It has a built-in automated system (Butler) that helps you organize your projects accordingly so your team can hit the set target for each day. Trello connects with top work tools like Confluence, Slack, Evernote, Drive, etc.

Trello Features

Why Choose Trello Over Wrike?

Trello Pricing

User Rating


Quire Interface

Quire Interface

Quire is an excellent productivity tool that facilitates workflow and task management within an organization. With this software, you can take charge of your team from anywhere around the globe. It helps you optimize workflow by dividing projects into smaller tasks that you and your teammates can quickly execute.

Like Wrike, this project management tool offers free and paid versions to users. However, Quire pricing plans are more affordable when compared. The Quire project management system lets you arrange tasks using the Kanban-style board.

Schedule and plan ahead of time using the Gantt Chart. This project management tool has an easy-to-manage interface that allows you to monitor projects without complexity. Working with members via third-party platforms, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc., is easy and quick with Quire.

Quire Features

Why Choose Quire Over Wrike?

Quire Pricing

User Rating


    ProProfs Interface

    ProProfs Interface

    ProProfs is an easy-to-manage system with multiple functionalities. This tool helps you manage tasks and track progress conveniently. Like Wrike, it offers Gannt-style viewing boards for you to manage and organize projects. It’s a simple tool with mobile and online versions.

    You are allowed to prioritize tasks, so you can easily get rid of tough tasks. ProProfs is loaded with powerful communication tools to ensure quick collaboration with team members. This platform lets you share project feedback, so recipients can fix necessary data or information on a project.

    The pricing plan for the ProProfs work management tool is cheaper when compared with Wrike. It’s user-friendly with rich features. Aside from tracking project progress, the app helps you monitor time, create invoices, etc

    ProProfs Features

    Why Choose ProProfs Over Wrike?

    ProProfs Pricing

    User Rating


    ProcessBliss Overview

    ProcessBliss Overview

    ProcessBliss is another wonderful tool with better work management features than Wrike. It helps you manage time, monitor workflow, create schedules, plan your ideas, and more o you have nothing untouched. It’s a perfect tool for organizations looking for a simple yet effective way to manage workflow between teammates.

    This work management system comes with several premade templates users can pick from to customize their project dashboards. Besides tracking data, ProcessBliss lets you store information on its system. Users can keep vital files like videos, audio, documents, and more on the system for quick access in the future.

    ProcessBliss permits you to collaborate with teammates on other platforms as it connects with over 3,000 apps, including calendars. This platform offers an affordable subscription plan, so small-scale businesses can invest in it. It’s non-installable and user-friendly.

    ProcessBliss Features

    Why Choose ProcessBliss Over Wrike?

    ProcessBliss Pricing

    User Rating

    Capterra: 4.6/5 (22 reviews)


    Runn Overview

    Runn Overview

    Another great Wrike alternative is Runn- a great resource management tool designed for planning, organizing, and managing workflow easily. With this tool, you can quickly plan projects with your teammates thereby avoiding bottleneck tasks. It helps you foresee where your business is heading and how to manage the resources you have on the ground.

    Runn enables you to connect with teammates, exchange ideas, and track progress without hassles. It’s fully featured with a smooth working interface that allows you to monitor workflow freely. You can depend on this work management app to measure time spent on specific tasks.

    Another quality feature you get to enjoy when using Runn is the reporting system. Runn sends you a detailed report about your project progress so you know how to manage and plan your schedules.

    Runn Features

    Why Choose Runn Over Wrike?

    Runn Pricing

    User Rating


    ProofHub Interface

    ProofHub Interface

    ProofHub project manager is an easy-to-manage tool you can employ to create, manage and take charge of workflow within your organization. It lets you collaborate remotely with folks from different parts of the globe. Many successful enterprises count on this tool to manage projects and organize schedules with clients.

    It’s designed for users of all kinds. Whether you are a graphics designer, software developer, or freelancer, ProofHub provides the quality service you seek. Compared to Wrike, ProofHub is a better work management solution. Users have several viewing options to track their projects as ProofHub supports Kanban, Table, and Gannt style boards.

    The pricing plans for ProofHub aren’t offered per user. Wrike on the other hand requires that you subscribe for each member of your team. Customize workflow within your team by assigning roles and tasks to members.

    ProofHub Features

    Why Choose ProofHub Over Wrike?

    ProofHub Pricing

    User Rating

    Monday Task Management is an excellent collaboration tool teams worldwide use to connect, share ideas, and accomplish goals within a short time frame. With this tool, you can manage tasks and projects conveniently. It’s designed with several useful features to ensure project management is fun for everyone on the dashboard.

    The platform lets you arrange tasks or projects accordingly. You are entitled to set due dates and times to hasten job completion. Send comments, embed documents, videos, and more to help teammates understand the purpose of your project. is a popular work management platform with incredible automation and integrations. Depending on your selection, it helps you stay updated with tasks by sending daily, weekly, or monthly reminders. Features

    Why Choose Over Wrike? Pricing

    User Rating


    Best Timesheet Software - Toggl

    Toggl Interface

    Toggl is a high-performing project management tool that lets you organize your team, assign tasks to competent members, and track progress in one place. This Wrike alternative is worth investing into because of its unbeatable features- one reason why it’s famous worldwide. This work management platform is well-curated, so novices and professionals can use it without involving a third party.

    It’s a three-in-one tool that allows you to track time, plan schedules, and hire skilled teammates. With Toggl, you can create roadmaps and complete them within the shortest possible time. Aside from managing workflow, it allows you to create and track invoices. Toggl integrates with calendars, so users can work effectively.

    Toggl Features

    Why Choose Toggl Over Wrike?

    Toggl Pricing

    User Rating


    Paymo Interface

    Paymo Interface

    Paymo is a powerful Wrike alternative capable of maximizing efficiency within an organization. This work management tool helps you track work time, create & billable invoices to clients, and manage workflow. You can also measure profitability with this intuitive platform.

    The platform lets you create tasks, and divide them into to-do lists that your team can quickly complete. It’s a straightforward project management system with a simple layout for you to track your projects. Paymo allows you to add due dates, times, and priorities to tasks for quick completion.

    It lets you collaborate easily with others. Paymo helps you stay in touch with everyone on your team, including those using third-party productivity apps. Here are some popular ones to connect with Google, Google Calendar, Zapier, QuickBooks Online, Xero, etc.

    Paymo Features

    Why Choose Paymo Over Wrike?

    Paymo Pricing

    User Rating


    Idea Management Software - ClickUp

    Idea Management Software – ClickUp

    Another work management tool with quality features needed to boost efficiency in an organization is ClickUp. It’s a popular platform with multipurpose functionality. With this work management solution, you can create tasks, or to-do lists and accomplish them without stress. It also functions as a goal-tracking system to help you achieve proposed objectives within a short time frame.

    ClickUp sends reminders to keep users posted about your schedules, goals, or tasks. Quickly collaborate with members via this platform to optimize workflow within your business. ClickUp provides you with several premade templates to customize your project management dashboards.

    ClickUp Features

    Why Choose ClickUp Over Wrike?

    ClickUp Pricing

    User Rating

    GetApp: 4.7/5 (3,211 reviews)

    G2: 4.7/5 (5,115 reviews)


    Flow Interface

    Flow Interface

    Flow is a project management system equipped with the right features required to hasten workflow within an organization. It’s that simple tool used by many world-leading firms out there today. This platform permits you to collaborate effectively with team members so crucial tasks can be completed timely.

    It lets you arrange tasks in order of importance or difficulty, so eases workflow thereby improving productivity. Flow helps you track your project progress by sending detailed reports showing all the necessary data you need to facilitate workflow. It lets you measure how every member of your team is fairing on the assigned task, and how much time is needed to bring the task to completion.

    Flow Features

    Why Choose Flow Over Wrike?

    Flow Pricing

    User Rating


    GanttPro Interface

    GanttPro Interface

    Gantt chart lovers looking for a perfect work management solution with an easy-to-manage interface should employ the services of GanttPro. This tool lets you plan your projects, assign them to qualified teammates, add deadlines, track progress, and more.

    Besides collaborating with teammates, you can use GanttPro to engage your clients by keeping them posted with project progress. It allows you to create, calculate, and export billing invoices to clients easily and quickly. It’s one of the most sophisticated collaboration tools on this list.

    GanttPro enables you to create goals, and design a strategic plan to bring them into accomplishment. It’s one of the best tools for creating roadmaps for projects. This tool is well-structured for easy navigation.

    GanttPro Features

    Why Choose GanttPro Over Wrike?

    GanttPro Pricing

    User Rating


    Scoro Interface

    Scoro Interface

    Scoro is a professional system worthy to be mentioned as a potential alternative to Wrike. It’s a simple platform dedicated to managing tasks and facilitating collaboration at all business levels, whether between teams, with clients, and/or with suppliers. This tool permits you to design tasks, employ competent members, distribute the tasks amongst them, and monitor the progress. An excellent feature tucked into the Scoro work management system is the time tracker. This feature enables you to track time for individual projects, create accurate billable invoices, and share them with clients to clear the funds.

    Scoro Feature

    Why Choose Scoro Over Wrike?

    Scoro Pricing

    User Rating


    Project Management Tool - Basecamp

    Basecamp Interface

    Basecamp is another centralized project management system that lets you manage projects and teammates remotely. This tool helps you simplify workflow within an organization by arranging tasks or deliverables accordingly to avoid confusion. It enables you to stay focused by blocking distractions.

    It’s a powerful work management system that lets you create and share ideas. Basecamp has a built-in group chat system that permits you to connect with other folks on your team. Store vital resources like videos, documents, and images in a single place on Basecamp.

    Basecamp Features

    Why Choose Basecamp Over Wrike?

    Basecamp Pricing

    User Rating

    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Project Interface

    Zoho Project Interface

    Zoho Project is an all-around work management tool with unique features to help you optimize workflow remotely. It’s one of the trustworthy Wrike alternatives. And that’s because of flexibility in usage. With this online project management system, you can organize, connect and manage tasks effectively without leaving your comfort zones.

    This tool comes with extensive time management tools to help you track time. It lets you import essential attachments required to streamline workflow and collaboration. Zoho Project permits you to add and assign roles to members contributing to a project’s development.

    Zoho Project Features

    Why Choose Zoho Project Over Wrike?

    Zoho Project Pricing

    User Rating


    Best Gantt Chart Software - OpenProject

    OpenProject Interface

    OpenProject is an incredible Wrike alternative perfectly designed to cater to all the project management needs of an organization. This platform is nicely built with a sleek interface, which makes it appealing to both amateurs and experts in the tech industry to navigate.

    It lets you create and view tasks in a Gannt chart so you can easily monitor the progress. Organize schedules with minimum stress by embedding tasks into calendars. OpenProject allows you to customize the project dashboard according to your requirements. It permits you to assign tasks, set priorities, add due dates, and more conveniently.

    OpenProject Features

    Why Choose OpenProject Over Wrike?

    OpenProject Pricing

    User Rating


    Redmine Interface

    Redmine Interface

    Here is another work management tool worth recommending. Redmine is the next-generation project management tool widely used by Agile teams to fulfill their project demands. This tool helps you customize project roadmaps, monitor development, and share vital documents and media files. Redmine offers several display options for you to visualize projects, and track the progress.

    Redmine Features

    Why Choose Redmine Over Wrike?

    Redmine Pricing

    User Rating


    Notion Interface

    Notion Interface

    Notion is another multipurpose work management tool suitable for tracking workflow remotely. With this Wrike alternative, you can quickly connect with teams or clients a specific tasks, discuss necessary briefs, and share ideas easily. You can also take notes with this project management tool by clicking on the corresponding buttons. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature for you to move projects between dashboards.

    You can schedule meetings, create agendas, and invite the necessary party remotely. Notion offers a simple working interface that permits everyone, regardless of their tech background to navigate easily and quickly. You can access this platform via any internet-enabled device, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

    Notion Features

    Why Choose Notion Over Wrike?

    Notion Pricing

    User Rating

    Final Words

    Now you have our list of the best Wrike alternatives in 2023. Do you have any recommendations to share with us? Please leave a comment below.


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