Microsoft Edge is a web browser that has long been known as Explorer, and it is one of the most widely used software products in the world. It’s very easy to use and for a huge number of people, it serves well in the role of primary browsing app on their PC computers.

How to Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

How to Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

It’s very common for people who spend a lot of time on the internet to snap screenshots of some websites, and Microsoft Edge has a screenshot feature already implemented. Its capacities can be improved by installing specialized extensions.

By presenting 8 different ways to screenshot on Microsoft Edge, we are empowering the users to make a smart choice and providing them with alternative routes of action to complete their goals if the built-in feature doesn’t meet their expectations.

How to Screenshot on Microsoft Edge?

Just like most other leading web browsers in the market, Microsoft Edge is a versatile product that includes a collection of tools that can greatly improve user experience. There are 3 proven ways to help you take a screenshot on Microsoft Edge.

Solutions Quick Steps
Edge Built-in Tool Use hotkeys ‘CTRL + SHIFT + S’… Full steps
Gemoo Snap Open Gemoo Snap > Webpage Screenshot… Full steps
Developer Tools Start Developer Tools > Run command on Edge… Full steps
Edge Screenshot Extension GoFullPage, Nimbus Capture, Loom… See more tools

Screenshot via the Built-in Tool

This software has a built-in screenshot function that is very simple to activate, so capturing web content while you navigate is possible regardless of your technical skills. To instantly take a snapshot of your current web location and everything that appears on your screen, take the following actions:

Step 1. Find the website and page you want to capture using Microsoft Edge browser.

Take Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

Step 2. Press the combination of keys CTRL + SHIFT + S to activate the screenshot function.

Step 3. From the editing window you can make changes or add shapes and text to the image.

Screenshot via Gemoo Snap

Whether you want to capture the whole page or just want to screenshot a portion of the screen, Gemoo Snap is exactly the first choice for you. As a free and lightweight app for taking quick screenshots, Gemoo Snap can provide you with a variety of screenshot needs on Edge: quick screenshot, screenshot and feedback, screenshot immediately beautify the image, pin screenshot, screenshot upload to the cloud, etc.

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👍 Screenshot a Portion of the screen – Just capture the visible part, a selected area, or any element you want on a webpage.

👍 Capture Full Page – Easily and instantly capture an entire webpage while screenshot only one monitor.

👍 Scrolling Capture – Take full-screen or specific area on the Website by scrolling screenshots, and stop at any point as you need.

Now, you can free download Gemoo Snap and start to take screenshot on your Microsoft Edge webpage.

Step 1. Install and launch Gemoo Snap on you computer. It works well both on Windows and Mac computer. Choose the Webpage Screenshot option to get started.

Click on the Webpage Screenshot Option

Click on the Webpage Screenshot Option

Step 2. Enter the Image URL of the webpage from your Edge browser.

Enter the URL of the Webpage

Enter the URL of the Webpage

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds, the edge page will be captured and displayed below. Now, you can add annotations or notes according to your needs.

Screenshot Microsoft Edge Webpages

Screenshot Microsoft Edge Webpages

Screenshot via Developer Tools

Sometimes a website you are visiting with Microsoft Edge has a lot of content, so you have to scroll down to see parts of it. Making multiple screenshots to capture all the content is highly impractical and time-consuming, so many users are wondering how to screenshot an entire page in Edge at once.

There is a readily available solution that you will have to go through the Developer Tools menu to find this option. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I or just the F12 key to start Developer Tools in Edge.

Step 2. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then click on the Run command.

Step 3. Enter the term ‘screenshot’ into the Run command field and press Enter.

Step 4. Choose ‘Capture full-size screenshot’ from the list of possible commands.

Screenshot Entire Page in Microsoft Edge

Screenshot Entire Page in Microsoft Edge

5 Edge Screenshot Extension Worth Trying

Any user that would like to get additional screenshot options should think about installing a browser extension designed specifically for this purpose. There are a number of possibilities, and most of them achieve excellent results with screenshots of any size and shape. Here are several Microsoft Edge screenshot extensions compatible with Microsoft Edge that should be taken into consideration:


GoFullPage Interface

GoFullPage Interface

This is one of the most widely used screenshot extensions for Edge that performs its core tasks very well. Previously known as Full Page Screen Capture, the extension has been renamed and improved for even smoother performance. It’s completely integrated into the browser and can be called into action with a single click of the mouse, instantly capturing your object of interest.

Key features:

Main drawbacks:

Pricing: the free version is available, Premium version costs just $1 per month

How to create full page screenshot:

Trigger the extension by pressing SHIFT + ALT + P or clicking on the GoFullPage icon, and it will automatically capture the entire content of a page you are currently on, without the need to take any additional action.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Interface

Nimbus Interface

Originally developed for Google Chrome, this screenshot app was ported to Microsoft Edge after strong results caused popular demand. It’s a simple tool that practically anyone can use, yet it creates great-looking screenshots of web pages that can be used for professional purposes. It’s been in the market since 2014, so its value has been confirmed in practice.

Key features:

Main drawbacks:

Pricing: free for personal use, Pro version costs $4 per month for individuals or $5 monthly per user for professional teams

How to create full page screenshot:

After clicking on the icon of the extension to run it, choose the appropriate screenshot mode (Full-page) and the app will capture everything found on the active webpage.


Video Capture Software - Loom

Loom Interface

Loop is very popular among business users, and it’s not hard to see why. This practical extension for Edge simplifies content capturing to the point that you can do it without interrupting your online activities. On top of its screen capturing capacities, Loop can also serve for sending and receiving multimedia messages that include audio and video elements.

Key features:

Main drawbacks:

Pricing: free version is available, while Business license can be obtained for $8 per month

How to Create full-page Screenshot:

Run Loom while you are on a webpage that you would like to turn into a screenshot. Click on the Screenshot tab, then select the Full page option from the drop-down menu and the extension will capture even the parts that you currently don’t see.

Awesome Screenshot

Screencast Software - Awesome Screenshot

Screencast Software – Awesome Screenshot

This aptly named application provides users with a convenient way to screenshot web pages as they browse. It works as an add-on for Edge that expands its capacity to capture any type of online content and edit the screenshots in various ways. Most importantly, it’s extremely simple to use and allows total beginners to snap screenshots like professionals!

Key features:

Main drawbacks:

Pricing: the free version is available, basic package starts at $5 per month, while the professional package costs $6 per month.

How to create full-page screenshot:

  1. Click on the extension icon in the toolbar after you navigate to the desired website.
  2. From the drop-down menu that opens, choose Capture full page. You can also assign a custom combination of keys to this function and perform this task even faster.


Screencast Software - LightShot

LightShot Interface

This screenshot tool can be used as standalone app or an extension for web browsers, including Microsoft Edge. It provides a solid balance between simplicity of use and multitude of capturing and editing options.

Anyone looking for a simple solution that works every time should give a long hard look to this popular app that’s been in the market for a long time.

Key features:

Main drawbacks:

Pricing: free for all users

How to capture full-page screenshot:

  1. Click on the Lightshot icon to run the app.
  2. Then use your mouse to select the area you would like to capture, including parts of the page that are not visible on the active screen

Where Are Edge Web Capture Stored?

When a user captures a webpage using Edge Web Capture, the capture is stored locally on their device. The location of the capture depends on the settings configured by the user. By default, Edge Web Capture saves captures in the Downloads folder on the user’s device. However, users can change this location by going to the Edge settings and selecting the Downloads option.

Users can also choose to save their captures to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This allows them to access their captures from any device with an internet connection. To save captures to OneDrive, users need to sign in to their Microsoft account and select OneDrive as the save location.

Another option for storing Edge Web Captures is to use a third-party cloud storage service. Many cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, offer integration with Microsoft Edge. This allows users to save their captures directly to their cloud storage account.

Final Words

There is no shortage of great tools that let users capture anything they come across on the web, and a large number of those tools can be integrated into Microsoft Edge to complement its built-in screenshot function. This allows users of various skill levels to pick a tool that best fits their needs and won’t require too much of an adjustment to their web browsing routines.

All of the tools on this list have free versions available, so nothing is preventing you from giving some of them a test run.


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