Voice generators for characters are gaining popularity, especially for their ability to transform voices into deeper tones. Whether you’re into prank calls or want to add humor to your Skype or Zoom calls, finding the perfect tool can be challenging.

Deeper Voice Changers

Deeper Voice Changers

In this article, we’ve narrowed down the top 7 voice changers for a deeper voice. These programs not only meet your requirements but also promise the right tune and pitch. Dive into the world of amusing voice transformations with these tried-and-true deeper voice changer tools, perfect for lighthearted moments and creating a barrel of laughs in virtual conversations. Let’s begin to explore them!

What Is a Deeper Voice Changer?

A Deeper Voice Changer is a tool or device designed to modify the pitch and tone of a person’s voice, making it sound deeper than its natural pitch. It is often used for fun or entertainment, allowing users to experiment with different vocal effects.

This type of voice changer is commonly used in various contexts, such as online gaming, voice chatting, or creating content for videos and audio projects. Users can adjust the settings of the voice changer to achieve a deeper or more resonant voice, sometimes resembling the tones of different genders or characters.

7 Popular Deeper Voice Changers

In this section, we’ll introduce 7 popular Deeper voice changers available in 2024.


VoiceMod is a popular tool for changing your voice, especially if you’re into gaming or talking online. It has a dark theme and is well-known for helping users hide their voices in chats, games, and Discord calls. What makes it great for a deeper voice is that it gives you various options to lower your voice.

Deeper Voice Changer - Voicemod

Deeper Voice Changer – Voicemod

Plus, you can customize any voice to make it unique. The best part is there’s a free version you can use for as long as you want, but it limits the number of voice filters you can use. So, if you want a cool and deep voice for your online adventures, VoiceMod is a solid choice.

Key Features




MorphVox is a fantastic tool embraced by gamers, streamers, and users alike. Particularly valued for its impressive voice effects, this tool enables you to customize each effect until it reaches a realistic quality. Its prowess in customization makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to make their voices deeper with a personalized touch.

Deeper Voice Changer - MorphVox

Deeper Voice Changer – MorphVox

Beyond its rich selection of sound effects, MorphVox serves as a comprehensive soundboard solution. It extends to features like background noise, sound effects, and quirky noises, ensuring a touch of hilarity in calls or games. Whether you’re into gaming, streaming, or just having fun conversations, MorphVox is a versatile and user-friendly tool to enhance and deepen your voice with creative flair.

Key Features


$19.99 per month

Murf.AI Voice Changer

Murf.AI is a cutting-edge voice changer using advanced AI technology. It’s gaining popularity quickly for its precision, letting users easily transform their voices into different characters, even making them sound deeper, like in a recording studio. This tool offers lots of choices. Murf.AI uses AI to change your voice in various ways you can customize.

Deeper Voice Changer - Murf.AI Voice Changer

Deeper Voice Changer – Murf.AI Voice Changer

What’s remarkable is that professionals can make their unique voices with it, showing how flexible and customizable it is. As a newcomer in this field, Murf.AI represents the latest voice-changing tech for a deeper voice. It’s a user-friendly and advanced AI algorithm, letting users effortlessly change their voices and have fun exploring creative possibilities.

Key Features


NCH Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Voxal is an old yet reliable voice changer that makes it fun to prank people online by transforming your voice deeper. It’s been around for a while, and it lets you explore endless voice-changing options, from sounding like a monster to an alien.

Deeper Voice Changer - NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Deeper Voice Changer – NCH Voxal Voice Changer

The cool thing about Voxal is that it works quietly in the background. It catches the sounds coming from your microphone before they reach their destination. You can quickly change your voice and get that deeper tone with just a few settings. So, if you’re up for some online pranks or want to have fun with your voice, Voxal is a simple and practical choice.

Key Features


AthTek Voice Changer

AthTek Voice Changer stands out as one of the oldest voice changer programs for Windows 10. Initially designed for Skype, its adaptability now extends to Zoom and Discord, making it a convenient choice for users seeking a deep voice changer on Discord.

Deeper Voice Changer - AthTek Voice Changer

Deeper Voice Changer – AthTek Voice Changer

Equipped with various built-in voice filters, AthTek allows users to customize their voices for a deeper tone easily. The Zoom and Discord usage surge has expanded its utility beyond its original scope, enabling users to modify their voices seamlessly. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and straightforward way to alter your voice to a deeper pitch, AthTek Voice Changer is a functional and time-tested option.

Key Features



VoiceChanger.io is a free and user-friendly deep voice changer that lets you easily add filters and modify your voice. It’s the ideal tool for achieving that perfect deep voice effect. With this tool, you get complete control over how your voice sounds. The program provides a range of voice-changing effects for you to experiment with and make your voice sound deep. There’s no need to download or register, as this online platform is compatible with all devices and operating systems. You can effortlessly add a deeper effect to your voice using this program for free.

Deeper Voice Changer - VoiceChanger.io

Deeper Voice Changer – VoiceChanger.io

Key Features



AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer software is an excellent choice to make your voice deeper. It has many advanced features, letting you customize effects in detail or even build your own from the ground up.

Deeper Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer

Deeper Voice Changer – AV Voice Changer

The cool thing is you can save and load the custom voice effects you create. But what stands out are its features to morph your voice and use it as a voice recorder. These key features make it great for changing your voice to sound deeper. So, if you’re into personalizing your voice, AV Voice Changer has covered you with its versatile and user-friendly options.

Key Features


$99.95 for full License

Final Thought

In conclusion, exploring deeper voice changers can add a fun and creative dimension to personal expression and communication. Whether for entertainment purposes, online gaming, or simply experimenting with vocal variations, these top 7 deeper voice changer options offer users diverse options. Remember to use such tools responsibly and respect others’ boundaries.

Ultimately, these voice changers showcase technological advancements that make self-expression more dynamic and engaging. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience or have some lighthearted fun, these tools can bring a new level of excitement to your audio adventures.


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