If you are a content creator, or simply a high-tech tools enthusiast, then you probably noticed how popular AI voice generators have become lately. Their ability to convert text into speech, and clone the voices of popular artists (or your own voice) has totally transformed the digital world.

Best Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generators

Best Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generators

If you want to create the voice of Dagoth Ur, you are at the right place! With his sinister and mysterious voice, Dagoth Ur has become very popular among gamers in the last two decades. Some time ago we couldn’t have imagined that we would be able to replicate his voice and use it for our own (likely nefarious) purposes, but AI technology has made this possible for you. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 Dagoth Ur AI voice generators and demonstrate how to use them to clone the voice of this popular villain.

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Who Voiced Dagoth Ur?

Dagoth Ur is the primary antagonist in the video game ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’. He is depicted as a powerful creature who wants to conquer Morrowind and enslave its people. The most prominent aspect of his character is certainly his eerie voice. But have you any idea who actually voiced this character? It was Jeff Baker, an actor and narrator who really did some of his finest work here.

Jeff Baker lent his voice to a wicked and monstrous antagonist in ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’ and he really made an impression. A lot of critics praised his performance and fans were not indifferent. His performance is now being given new life by the possibility to clone this regognizable voice and use it during live streams and in online videos.

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Top 5 Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generators


This voice changer works perfectly well on both Mac and Windows. This lightweight app doesn’t require a lot of system resources and can run in the background without disrupting the functions that are running at the moment. Vocal can record audio files and will let you change your voice in any app that uses a microphone. With this software, you can have fun with your friends while playing games, and if you are a fan of Dagoth Ur, you will certainly be satisfied with the results.

Voxal Interface

Voxal Interface

Key features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: Voxal Voice Changer- Commercial License is $49.99, Voxal Voice Changer Plus – Home use only is $39.95, and Voxal Voice Changer Plus – Commercial License Quarterly Plan is $3.88 per month (discount prices)

How to use Voxal?

Step 1: Download and Run the app from the website

Step 2: Select the voice you want to use from the list in the left panel

Step 3: Click the Options button to apply the effects at the end of the toolbar

Step 4: Open the program you plan to use (Skype, etc.)

Step 5: Talk to your microphone and the status bar will confirm if this was successful


This amazing software is a great choice when it comes to faking the voices of famous people. it lets you create a voice right from your browser, so you don’t need to worry about installing anything. Not only it is very good at faking famous people’s voices, but it also lets you replicate your own voice thanks to its voice cloning feature. A simple and user-friendly interface will be great for beginners, but don’t forget to read all the instructions before using it!

Simon Cowell Voice Generator - FakeYou

Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generator – FakeYou

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans:: Plus plan is $7 per month, Pro plan costs $15 per month, Elite plan is offered for $25 monthly

How to fake Dagoth Ur AI voice?

Step 1: Go directly to the official website

Step 2: Select Dagoth AI Voice from the offered options

Step 3: Insert or type the text that you want to convert into speech

Step 4: Choose the option Speak

Step 5: Download or share the audio


This amazing and trending application will enable the conversion of any written text into any voice, including the voice of Dagoth Ur. It has proven to be optimal for various apps, including TikTok, and the best part is that you don’t need to have any programming skills to use it. Its state-of-the-art technology can certainly change the media content for the better, and if you are keen on playing a prank on your friend using the voice of your favorite villain, keep scrolling down to learn how to do it!

Uberduck.ai Interface

Uberduck.ai Interface

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: There is a free version, Creator plan costs $96 per year, and Enterprise plan costs $500 per month

How to use Uberdruck.ai

Step 1: Create an Uberduck account (at the signup page) and create an API key

Step 2: Check the list of voices and make an HTTP GET request

Step 3: Insert the text into the “Enter text to synthesize” field and you will find the categories there to choose from.

Step 4: Download the mp3 version and it will be ready to use


This app is super-simple, with many voicing abilities that you can use for different purposes. It is different from other software tools in terms of operation, and you can use it when playing video games, streaming, or even while having a phone call. It offers more than 90 voices that sound authentic and gives you the tools to closely duplicate Dagoth Ur Voice by adjusting the tune, frequency, and pitch. It is compatible with many popular communication apps, and you use it directly while you are streaming, or playing video games.

Voicemod Interface

Voicemod Interface

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: There is a free and paid version. Voicemod Pro costs $45 and you can use it forever, or you can pay $12 for a quarter of a year, or $18 for a whole year

How to generate Dagoth Ur AI voice with Voicemod?

To generate Dagoth Ur AI voice, do the following:

Step 1: Install Voicemod application on your PC

Step 2: Select your microphone (input device) and headphones (output device)

Step 3: Click on the ‘Voice Changer’

Step 4: In the Voicebox menu you can choose various voice sounds and effects


Though there are a lot of AI voice generators that you can find on the market, the installation of some can take quite a time, and you will also need a lot of storage space. Luckily, thanks to Voice.ai which can be accessed online for free, this is not a problem anymore.

Not only does this software work as an AI voice changer, but it also allows you to import your own voice and adjust it so that you can sound just like Dagoth Ur.

Voice.ai Interface

Voice.ai Interface

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: The basic voice charger is free

How to use Voice.ai?

Step 1: Download the voice.ai installer and run it

Step 2: Create an account and allow ‘Voice Training’ to earn credits that can be used to buy different styles of voice

Step 3: Select “Get Started, then at the top of the screen choose Live Mode or Record Mode

Step 4: With the drop-down choose your Input method or the microphone you want to use

Step 5: When you are finished select Stop, and you will find the recordings in the lower pane of the window

FAQs on Dagoth Ur Voice Generator

Is it legal to generate voices such as Dagoth Ur voice?

There are a lot of ethical concerns when it comes to voice generators. Some of the issues commonly addressed are consent, voice ownership, and the possibility of fraud. Respecting privacy and legal rights is very important and using this technology in a legal way should always be encouraged. Just make sure you read the terms of use before you decide to use it for commercial purposes.

Will AI generators replace human voices?

This is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. The aim of AI-generated voices was never to replace human voices. Human voices are still characterized by a wider range of emotions and creative expressions, and AI generators currently don’t come close to replicating this. In other words, the emergence of AI voices doesn’t devalue the talent of real actors.

Does Dagoth Ur AI voice receive frequent updates?

The answer is yes. AI voice technologies are getting better and better and we are constantly witnessing new innovations coming along. The best way to keep up with what’s going on here is to follow popular developers and visit their websites frequently so that you can be informed whenever there is a new update or improvement.

Final Thoughts

Dagoth Ur voice generators have captured the attention of many content creators and gamers and this does not come as a surprise judging by how eerie his voice sounds. You probably feel prompted to use it either for your own digital content or for fun.

If you want your digital content to be different from the usual, Dagoth Ur AI voice generators are the answer you have been looking for. Share this article with your friends who are the fans of this character and let us know in the comments which of the recommended AI voice changers allowed you to make the most faithful replica of Dagoth Ur.


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