Do you know that the voice of Goku, the celebrated character of Dragon Ball, is highly sought after across the globe? Just assume that you get to hear the words of your choice from your fantasy hero, and he sounds so realistic you can’t believe yourself. The collaboration of AI and Goku’s legendary voice has made it possible.

Goku AI Voice Generators

Goku AI Voice Generators

If you’re a fan of the anime show or a content creator interested in the voice of Goku, you may be interested in a few of the best Goku AI voice generators for both PC and Mobile. This article will introduce you to the top six Goku artificial intelligence (AI) voice generators capable of transforming any written content into Goku’s distinctive voice with remarkable precision and authenticity. And some of them can also be used as Mario text to speech generators.

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What Is Goku Text to Speech Use For?

The Goku text-to-speech generator is like other AI celebrity voice generators that can convert any text into the vocalization of Goku. These tools are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that has the potential to mimic Goku’s vocal characteristics like tone, frequency, accent, and sentiment. Goku’s speech synthesis can be used for the following purposes:

Top 3 Goku AI Voice Generators for PC

If you want to make Goku’s voice on your PC, you might be interested in the best Goku AI voice generators, which can turn any text into high-quality, realistic sounds. Here are the top 2 Goku AI voice makers you can try on your PC:


Vozard voice changer is an AI-powered tool that can transform your voice from original to Goku and other characters in real-time. With over 150 lifelike sound effects, Vozard empowers your online gaming, chatting, and live streaming.

Morgan Freeman Voice Generator - Vozard

Goku AI Voice Generator – Vozard

Vozard Voice Changer Features


Watson Text-to-Speech

Watson Text-to-speech is a cloud-based tool that transforms any written content into realistic speech by utilizing IBM’s artificial intelligence technology. This software can produce sound from a range of sources, such as papers or T.V. programs like Goku.

Goku AI Voice Generator - Watson Text-to-Speech

Goku AI Voice Generator – Watson Text-to-Speech

Watson Text-to-Speech Features


Watson Text-to-Speech provides a complimentary service with a monthly restriction of 10,000 characters. The starting scheme has a price of $0.02 for every 1,000 lines. is another app for PC to convert any written content into dynamic and captivating Goku’s voices using advanced AI. The tool also can generate music for podcasts, audiobooks, weblogs, films, and educational programs.

Additionally, it might allow its users to make their audio content more SEO-optimized and accessible. However, this tool is basically meant to create sounds for videos.

Goku AI Voice Generator -

Goku AI Voice Generator – Features

Pricing provides a complimentary plan that enables you to enjoy one hour of music per month. Other packages are priced at $9 – $99.

Top 3 Goku AI Voice Generators for Mobile

If you desire to create Goku’s voice on your mobile device, these top-notch Goku artificial intelligence (AI) voice creators come in handy. These applications utilize strong AI algorithms to clone Goku’s voice in regard to tone, frequency, dialect, and emotion. These are the top three applications for smartphones that generate Goku’s artificial intelligence vocalization:


The tool is an online service that lets you generate AI sounds in the style of different artists and figures, like Goku. With Voicify, you can use Goku’s voice to make your covers of songs, movies, talks, and more.

Goku AI Voice Generator - Voicify

Goku AI Voice Generator – Voicify

Features of Voicify


The premium plan of Voicify starts at $9 per month.

Murf is another text-to-speech conversion tool using cutting-edge AI models to turn text into lifelike and interesting sounds. It can replicate voices like your favorite anime character.

Goku AI Voice Generator -

Goku AI Voice Generator – Features


Murf has a free plan that lets you listen to 10 minutes of generated sound. The most expensive plans start at $99 a month.

Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is a smartphone software that makes the voice of Goku come to life. It lets you generate a voice from a script or record your voice expressions to simulate Goku’s aural qualities. Voice Changer Plus is a great way to have fun with your friends and family by playing pranks on them or shocking them with Goku’s voice.

Goku AI Voice Generator - Voice Changer Plus

Goku AI Voice Generator – Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus Features


Voice Changer Plus is free to download; however, additional features can be bought within the application.

Final Thought

Summing up, this article has thoroughly explained what is Goku ai voice generator and how you can use it. Moreover, it has shown you to top apps for the production of this legendary anime character’s voice. The tools for cloning Goku’s voice come for both PC/MAC and mobile apps. Each tool and version has its pros and cons.

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