Not everyone can afford the price of a premium subscription to Netflix or Disney, so many users turn to websites that offer streaming services for free. You can find a lot of great movies and TV shows on such platforms, and you don’t need to pay in order to play any video you see there.

Best Afdah Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Best Afdah Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

One of the largest and best-known websites of this kind is Afdah. This website compiled a huge database of popular titles and lets users access all of them from a computer or mobile device. While Afdah is certainly great, it’s not the only site offering that kind of service and you can find plenty of its clones on the internet. Since free streaming websites typically don’t last very long and new ones are launched regularly, it’s important to stay in the loop and know which Afdah alternatives are currently considered the best.

Why Do You Need an Afdah Alternative?

Most users prefer to use the same online service for a long time, but things are a bit different when it comes to free movie streaming sites. Such websites are usually small and they operate in the gray zone, so it’s not uncommon for them to disappear overnight due to financial or regulatory issues. There could also be a few more reasons why you might want to have a backup plan, including the following:

Top 10 Websites like Afdah to Watch Movies Online


If you are looking for a website that can closely replicate the service you are used to at Afdah, this one could do the trick. It’s a very resourceful website that has practically anything you set your mind to watch. Making the switch to 123Movies will feel completely natural, and you can simply continue with your watch list as soon as you join this site.

Websites like Afdah - 123Movies

Websites like Afdah – 123Movies

Core features:

Known issues:


This website looks similar to most other free streaming platforms, but it has a big advantage over most of them. GoMovies is frequently updated with new content and usually has recently released titles before any of its competitors. Overall, this site offers enough intriguing features to give it a test run and see whether it works for you.

Websites like Afdah - GoMovies

Websites like Afdah – GoMovies

Core features:

Known issues:


Like most other Afdah alternatives, this website amalgamates content from multiple streaming services and lets viewers choose between thousands of popular titles. The movies are in high resolution and feature high-quality audio, so YesMovies is a great choice regardless of whether you usually watch on a computer with a large monitor or on a handheld smartphone.

Websites like Afdah - YesMovies

Websites like Afdah – YesMovies

Core features:

Known issues:


Like its name subtly implies, this website aims to provide complete wall-to-wall coverage and present the best movies and shows to its audience. The site looks great and is better organized than Afdah or any of the alternatives, so it’s easier to find the content you are looking for or discover something new. It’s definitely one of the online platforms that can be your go-to destination for online media streaming.

Websites like Afdah - AZMovies

Websites like Afdah – AZMovies

Core features:

Known issues:

Users who prefer to watch movies across different devices are naturally drawn to this convenient app. is a well-known free streaming option that is distinct from similar services by the fact that it has a legitimate mobile app. Since the movie collection offered on this site is quite large and diverse, you shouldn’t hesitate to try it at once.

Websites like Afdah - Tubi.yv

Websites like Afdah – Tubi.yv

Core features:

Known issues:

Los Movies

This site offers a chance to watch the latest hits online without having to pay anything. In addition to instant playback, Los Movies also provide a lot of extra features, making it similar to a movie-based social network. You can search for movies using keywords or names, discover new films from recommendations and top lists, and interact with content in many other ways.

Websites like Afdah - Los Movies

Websites like Afdah – Los Movies

Core features:

Known issues:


You can find a huge number of great films and TV shows on this site, and learn all the relevant details before deciding whether to watch or not. This site caters to a global audience, with multi-language support provided for most of the hosted titles. This service may be free, but it delivers first-class experience that nearly matches what you could get at a paid streaming site.

Websites like Afdah - Vumoo

Websites like Afdah – Vumoo

Core features:

Known issues:


As one of the oldest free streaming sites that’s been online since 2011, Putlocker has amassed a huge army of loyal users. It’s safe to watch movies on this platform, and you don’t have to pay for the privilege to enjoy HD videos on demand. Despite its age, the site still looks very modern and won’t take you long to get accustomed to its design and navigation.

Websites like Afdah - Putlocker

Websites like Afdah – Putlocker

Core features:

Known issues:


This is another low-key internet gem that might deliver hundreds of hours of entertainment straight to your screen at no cost at all. In addition to Hollywood films, it also hosts a huge number of Bollywood and Korean hits so Movies4You is perfect if you want to expand your cinematic horizons. The site is very simple, so you won’t have any trouble finding the content you are looking for.

Websites like Afdah - Moive4You

Websites like Afdah – Moive4You

Core features:

Known issues:


This is an old-school bit torrent website that offers you the possibility to download full movies for free. Yify is widely known as the best place to look for older, artistically acclaimed films that might be absent from commercial streaming platforms. Every film lover who knows his craft has Yify website saved in his bookmarks, and you would be wise to do the same.

Websites like Afdah - Yify

Websites like Afdah – Yify

Core features:

Known issues:

Frequently Asked Questions about Afdah Alternatives?

Is it legal to watch movies for free at Afdah and similar websites?

Legality of free online streaming websites is often brought into question, and in some countries even watching copyrighted material could expose you to fines. Be sure to check whether a certain service is legal in your location before you attempt using it.

Can I download a movies from an Afdah alternative and watch it while I’m offline?

Most of the alternatives to Afdah streaming site mentioned in this article give you the possibility to download the film and watch it later. While this is a very useful option, most viewers are online all the time anyway so they care less about the download feature.

Are movies on Afdah and similar platforms in lower quality than on paid streaming services?

Sometimes ripped versions of lower quality may be offered, but this is not always the case. Quite often, free streaming sites have HD movies that look just as sharp as if you watched them on a subscription-based site. That’s why you should choose the streaming site based on the quality of its content.

Final Considerations

You don’t have to spend a small fortune every month just to be able to watch your favorite movies online. Instead of subscribing to multiple streaming services, you can turn to Afdah or any of the alternatives that we mentioned above. Virtually any movie you can think of is hosted on one of these free platforms and you can start watching it almost immediately. However, be aware that some of the content might be posted illegally and that any interactions with it can be tracked, and proceed with caution. There is no point in getting into legal trouble over something as trivial as watching a film.


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