Provide the clearest solution to users' issues
issue solving

Provide the clearest solution to users' issues

Send a video solution to solve the user's confusion instantly and clarify every step. Share the video link through multiple channels.

Respond to questions in the clearest way

Record the solution to customers’ issues, and explain the process simultaneously, so that users don’t have to search for tutorials themselves. Let them have a better understanding of the product.

Communicate visually via different channels

With just one link, you can share the video on any channel, like email, Slack, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc., So your customers don't have to switch from the platform they're using for communication.

Ehance bilateral relationship by vivid videos
customer engagement

Ehance bilateral relationship by vivid videos

No one wants to be treated by cold robots. Gemoo allows you and your users to meet “face-to-face" online and exchange product ideas, suggestions, even industry news.

Make user interaction more humane

Now there is an easier, more engaging way to interact with them. Record video messages and send them to your customers, delivering a more personal touch through sound and vision.

Let users become product’s constructive advisor

When creating a video or a screenshot, annotate it at any time during the process to be clarified. Interact with users instantly over timestamp comments, or a general comment for the whole video.

self-served guide

Build a product base to involve customers faster

Build a self-served support center to store and organize video or screenshot-based tutorials, FAQs, guides, etc. Users can search the answers they want independently and quickly.

Build a product base to involve customers faster

Build a self-service knowledge base for quick onboarding

Helps users to get started in less time than reading lengthy documentation. Create a video product wiki, and store visual product FAQs, tutorials, guides, or some fun introductions. Also, they can search for what they need anytime.

Get visual guide structured to enlighten customers better

Compared with plain folders, files organized by topics and spaces are more clear for your users. Lay out tutorials, responses, and other types of videos by mindmap, and calendar to clearly show customers the sequence and timeline.

Improve yourself by learning from team members
team collaboration

Improve yourself by learning from team members

When communicating with users from different industries, you may encounter various questions. Record and share with your team to discuss the best solution.

Work more efficiently with your team’s help

Hard to solve users’ problems? Invite your team to help. Record and share it with them, so everyone can brainstorm, and offer more solutions. Deal with problems with high proficiency.

Share resources to help teams grow

Record videos or take screenshots to show team’s daily workflows, case studies, etc. Facilitate members to plan career better, as well as help newcomers to integrate quickly.

Gather resources to upgrade yourself
personal resources

Gather resources to upgrade yourself

Videos and image materials are scattered on different platforms? Store and organize them all in Gemoo to build a personal think tank.

Bring knowledge together to grow fast

Gather knowledge from various channels. Record support skills lectures, embed rich YTB video resources, or, intercept valuable career advice. Provide a constant source to enhance your future skills.

Sort resources out to clarify logic

Categorize personal resources by different types. Sort out skill lectures by timeline to meet your time. Organize reflection videos on the successes and challenges to learn from the past.

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