Align the team with product ideas and plans

Record videos to convey product ideas and vision, assign tasks, and clarify iteration goals. Make sure the entire team stays on track throughout the journey.

Convey product ideas and vision more effectively

Need to convey ideas and vision remotely? Or show core features and interactions via a prototype? Simply record a video and share it instantly. Members can comment or record a reply to communicate thoughts.

Task assigning now gets so much clearer

When creating the product backlog, take videos to assign tasks and emphasize what to notice. Then categorize videos by priority. Or, add them to your team’s Trello or elsewhere, to boost productivity of the whole team.

Keep the whole team always on the same page

Clarify goals to be achieved in each iteration using short videos, and put them in calendar based on the timeline, or in mind map. So everyone is clear about the iteration goals, the deadline, and the project's overall plan.

Get product ideas visualized smoothly

Explain the product idea and style while showing the prototype, and send the explainer video together with the prototype to the design team in one link. You and designers can communicate clearly over annotated screenshots or videos during the design process. Don't let remote communication cause misunderstanding, or slow down your project’s progress.

Boost development cycle to move faster

Engage closely with the engineering team over video messages. Keep abreast of development progress and the latest achievements. Record bugs you meet to help engineers solve them quickly.

Speed up daily standup

Save the time and trouble of calling a meeting every day. Let the engineering team record videos to report daily/weekly progress, and share the recordings in the calendar view. So you can stay on the same page easily.

Go through each iteration right

When reviewing demos of each iteration, you can give feedback on functions and details by recording the screen with narration. Also, add annotations for extra clarity. This ensures the final product works as you plan.

Report bugs precisely

Record bugs you found in software testing. Organize bug recordings into different cards, according to the feature or urgency. Help engineers locate the issues and squash the bugs more quickly.

Improve cross-team alignment with product demos

Ready to launch your product? It’s time to make a demonstration through screen recording, to walk other teams through product features and highlights. Get Marketing & Sales teams clear about the value proposition before going to market. And make sure Support team fully understands product functionalities, so they can provide better service to customers.

Where product team gets improved and inspired

Both newcomers and experienced members can gain new knowledge, skills, and inspiration from the team wiki. Leverage Gemoo to get your team build together, grow together.

Make employee onboarding easy and flexible

Stop 1-on-1 onboarding training. Simply create video tutorials to explain rules, tips, and SOPs. Organize tutorials in calendar. And let newcomers watch and learn by themselves. They can also review it anytime they need.

Support professional growth of team members

Record valuable lessons and case study analysis, and put them in the knowledge base. You can share these high-quality resources with teammates, and also learn from others’ sharings. Together, your team is getting stronger.

Gather ideas and get inspiration effortlessly     

Wish to build an inspiration pool? Use Gemoo. Capture new ideas from user feedback, news, research, etc. Categorize them by type, function, or any other way. And go get inspiration when planning an update or new product.

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