Share classroom updates clearly

Beautifully combining text, images, videos, and even audio in your newsletter, you can share classroom news, weekly updates, testing reminders, upcoming events, and everything you want parents to be clear with. It’s not just easy for them to read, but also easy for you to make with Gemoo.

Keep parents clear about homework and eliminate questions

The weekly homework newsletter helps keep parents in the loop and eliminate question emails. With Gemoo, you can record a video to explain homework and how parents can help with it. Add images of homework with simple tips using the Feedback feature. List resources they can use. All content can be beautifully organized in one Gemoo Doc, so parents can get everything they need to know here without opening multiple links or files.

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Make it easier for families to stay on the same page

Share with parents the educational plan for the coming week, including content to be covered, objectives, activities, upcoming assessments, etc. Within the Calendar view of Gemoo, you can add related docs, videos, and images to the specific date, and share your weekly plan via a link with all families in your class. Thus parents are able to stay in sync and better engage in student work as a learning coach at home.

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Reminders can be more engaging and expressive

How to make reminder newsletters that parents like to read? The secret is making it visually appealing with a personal touch. For instance, you can use Gemoo to record an invitation video for a school event, upload photos taken last year, and display them in Slide view. Or create a Gemoo Doc to explain a field trip with an intro video, images, and other information required. It’s amazingly easy to make in minutes.

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Build connections with families from the very start

Sharing a self-introduction video with your students’ families is a great way to quickly build a bond. Simply use Gemoo to record a video introducing and showing photos of yourself and your family, so they get to know more about you even before they meet you. Once you finish recording, the video is uploaded instantly with a shareable link. And with the built-in editor, you can trim the recording if you need.

Offer parents a window into the classroom

To show parents all the fun their kids are having in school, you can create a Topic in Gemoo as your classroom album, and store different photos and videos in different Cards, such as “Classroom Activities”, “Halloween Celebration”, “Birthday Parties”, etc. Parents can view and download high-resolution photos of their kids anytime. When looking back, this album also captured the growth of the whole class in this school year.

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Share accomplishments and positive feedback

With the ability to handle a variety of file types, like text, images, videos, audio, links, and more, Gemoo makes it easy to create student portfolios. Simply create a “Student Portfolio” Space for your class, and save each student’s schoolwork, progress, and success stories in separate Topics. You can showcase student accomplishments with their own family privately, with access restrictions to ensure no other families see it without permission.

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Fit in your way for school-home communication

No matter you’re communicating with parents using emails, parent-teacher communication apps like Remind, Seesaw, ClassDojo, TalkingPoints, or LMS like Canvas, you can easily share the visually organized content you store in Gemoo via a link. Parents can view everything you want them to be aware of in one place without opening multiple links or files.

You know parents love what you share with them

Parents can not just see what you share, but also comment, feedback, and like (coming soon) each document, video, image, and audio they see if you allow it. This makes mutual communication much easier, and with less pressure for immediate reply when you’re busy with something else or at rest. Also,you can see how many times these files are viewed, knowing that parents love what you share with them.


Elevate parent-teacher communication with more visually efficient messages

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