Upgrade your outreach with videos

Whether it’s a tester invitation or testimonial request, send video messages to capture your target recipients' attention, adding some emotional connection to your outreach.

Attract your customers with videos

Record and send a video, not a thousand words, to attract your customers. It can also be used anywhere you could reach your potential customers, such as email marketing and social media.

Organize to recap

Organize the sent videos and follow-up videos for each contact into the mind map view by topic, to help you quickly find these materials when recap in the future.


Create visual content and post on schedule

More than text, add videos or images to your content. Save them into categories with the calendar view, and clearly know when and what should be posted.

Create attractive content with zero skills

Easily create your videos and images for content marketing on Gemoo, no skills required. Speed up the content creation, and make it more attractive.

Post your content with plans

Save your videos and images by category into the calendar view, and post your content according to the marketing timelines. Never mess up with cluttered content.


Plan and manage your campaign clearly

From planning, to content creation, to the timeline, manage your campaign in an intuitive way.


Create the content for the campaign

Based on the campaign plan, prepare the product marketing videos & images for each stage in advance, and group & store them in different Cards.

Organize your campaign plan     

Check the whole plan through the mind map view, or check the timelines through the calendar view, and never miss the deadlines.

Ensure the whole team stays updated

Team members can quickly learn the campaign plan and timelines through a shared link. Everyone in the team will get to know it even when the content is adjusted.

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Communicate quickly and effectively

Accelerate communication with videos and images, to keep your marketing project moving forward quickly in different departments.

Connect with your team

Daily creative briefs, feedback delivery, information update, etc. Align your team without long meetings and writing.

Communicate across teams

Deliver video or image messages to the design and development departments, to make them understandable and ensure fast execution.


A well-organized knowledge base

Capture and save all important content in one place, for you and your team.


Team development

Record or capture the marketing insights or cases to Gemoo library, group them in cards, and share with your team, to make progress together.

Personal knowledge base

Collect the marketing cases you like through screenshots or recordings, and add some annotations to them. Easily get inspired for the preparation of marketing plans.

Employee training

Record the training courses in advance, and group them in categories to the mindmap view. Employees can quickly locate the course and start learning through a link.

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