Communicate asynchronously to stay in sync

Send video messages to cross-team leaders to communicate product plans asynchronously, or arrange tasks for your team members without time zones getting in the way.

Drive sprint planning faster

No worries about time zone. Simply record videos to clarify the plan and assign tasks, and send them to PO and your team via a link. Keep everyone in sync effortlessly.

Hasten daily standup

Let your members record to review last day's work, and submit videos to Jira or elsewhere. You can give quick feedback and arrange new tasks. Less time cost, better work done.

Code review now gets more productive

Code review requires high efficiency and quality. You can achieve it by offering an overall screenshot to give context, giving quick video feedback, and sharing coding techniques.

Send quick video feedback

Record and tell your feedback. Record issues you found during code review, and give helpful suggestions to improve members’ coding quality. Enhance your team’s code techniques handily.

Provide clear context

As a code author, you can capture additional lines of context, describe code issues, or annotate confusion. Communicate with other software engineers more vividly and clearly.

Report bugs precisely

See what's happening at a precise moment in the bug replay, then debug it. Also, categorize bugs into “urgent”/“take it easy” with Cards, let your members know the priority, and collaborate better.

Present project progress and outcomes vividly

Ready to visualize your task completion reports and present your team’s achievements.

Record work status

Forget what you have achieved in a long-term process? Record work status and store it in your workplace. It will be so convenient to do the final report with arranged work review videos.

Demonstrate outcomes

Stop endless offline demonstrations. Build a release center in Gemoo to present your outcomes. Update it and show how great your products are. Save more energy for your next goal!

Everyone can learn more and quickly in the shared repository

Dev teams now stay in a secure digital place to move faster and preserve efficiency.

Make onboarding a breeze

No repetitive training anymore. Record project tasks, team visions, or any other materials. Let newcomers check and learn in the base anytime they want. You just focus on the tasks at hand.

Optimize workflow explanation

Explain the workflow norms and precautions in videos. Organize them in a mind-map view. Add them to your Github files, or create video space in Gemoo to notify teammates. Be simple and straightforward.

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