Present your design clearly and impressively

Record your screen and yourself in 4K to explain your vision, goals, and design details. Pin two screenshots to show "Before" and "After". Display relevant data in a multimedia doc. Then, get all files organized in Slide View, to keep your presentation focused and visual enough for clients to understand. All these could be done easily in Gemoo.

collaborate with devs

Work seamlessly with developers to implement your design

  • Make design handoffs more fluid

    Stop back-and-forth emails or chats to keep explaining your design. Simply record a video with Gemoo to clarify your design vision, specifications, and context behind it. You can also screen record the prototype or an example webpage/UI to show how you want the motion to work and feel. Developers can watch and leave their feedback in timestamped comments.

  • Report UI fixes more visually

    Need to report UI fixes to devs? Show them visually. Capture the UI and annotate actionable directives. Pin two snaps of the “Current” and “Desired” states side by side. If the fix is animation-related, just record it. Get everything organized then and send via a link to Trello, Jira, Slack, or any project management or communication app your team uses.

Design together. Review together. Grow together.

Get clear feedback from teammates in time

Instead of waiting for the next meeting to present your design, you can instantly use Gemoo to record a video. Share your work on screen with real-time drawing tools to clarify your ideas, take screenshots to show your design details, and send both the video and screenshots to your team in a link. Your fellows can leave comments or record a video as feedback.

Boost new member onboarding & development

Create video tutorials to explain design processes. Write down design specifications in Gemoo Doc. And organize all resources in one Topic as Team Wiki. Once new designers join, you can send a link and allow them to do the catching-up at their own pace. You can also use Gemoo to give feedback on their during training, helping newbies improve skills faster.

Save and organize anything important to you


Collect creative work for ongoing inspiration

Create a portfolio to display your amazing work

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