Share creative ideas for a design proposal

Share your creative ideas internally. Record a video to clarify your ideas, and add your drawings together in a link. Then share with your team, or directly to Figma.

Collect ideas more visually

Record a video to explain your rough idea in a visualized way. Put your recording and relevant drawings together in a Card, to make your creative idea more informative and intuitive.

Share your ideas internally

Let your team members get engaged. Share your recorded ideas with your team in one link. Everyone in the team can view and express their thoughts on each design proposal easily.

Choose a plan more efficiently

Check all the creative ideas from team members, and the comments below through the shared link. Then you can start a meeting to focus on discussing and determining the final design proposal.

Update design progress & details for quick feedback

Present your design proposal visually. Update design progress and details with relevant parties in a calendar view during the design process, and quickly collect their feedback.

Present your design proposal

Stay aligned with customers or developers. Present your design proposal through screenshots or videos, to see if it meets the requirements or can be realized.

Collect genuine feedback in time

Make sure you and your clients are on the same page. Use screenshots or videos to present your design details, and share them with your clients. They can leave a comment below your videos, or just record a video back to you as feedback.

Update design progress to stay aligned

Organize and update your design progress & details into a calendar view, then share them with your clients. Get them involved in the design process for timely communication.

Present and share your final work in detail

Present your final design through screen recording, emphasizing the key points, and share it with related parties in just a link. Make hand-offs smoother without missing any details.

Save & organize anything important to you and your teams

From employee training, project recap, to the team and personal library, categorize all the content needed by teams and individuals.

Boost employee training & development

Empower your team members with recorded design tips and courses, put them in the team library, and your employees can check them whenever they want with a link.

Project recap in a more visualized way

Review the whole project through a mind map or calendar view, to visualize the entire design evolution process and to see if there is anything to improve in the future.

Team library for on-going inspiration

Capture the outstanding designs you collect and save them in the team library by category. Make it easy for your team members to get inspiration directly from it.

Personal library for self-development

Customize your own library. Put whatever you like and need about design, such as images, gifs, animations, design tips and courses into your library.

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