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Release Note 2023


Gemoo Recorder 1.2.2

1. No need to log in to use.

2. The recorded video is stored locally and can be quickly viewed after being exported.

3. Free users can record videos for up to 15 minutes.


Gemoo Recorder 1.2.1

Improve software performance and video upload success rate.


Gemoo Recorder 1.2.1

Improve software performance and user experience.

Gemoo Recorder 1.2.1

Fix devices that fail to decode and record video when using the Core Graphics card.

Gemoo Recorder 1.2.0

1. Improve recording stability.

2. Simplify the sharing steps of recorded videos.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.9

1. Simplify the sharing steps for recorded videos.

2. Optimize user experience.

Gemoo Recorder 1.1.8

Introduce New Technology: Video uploading supports breakpoint resume. Video uploads faster and the playback experience is smoother.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.7

1. Support to export and store the recorded video locally for secondary creation.

2. Optimize user experience.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.5

1. Improve video recording clarity.

2. Support camera filter beautification.

3. Fix bugs.

Gemoo Recorder 1.1.4

1. Optimize screen authorization problem.

2. Improve the stability during recording process.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.3

1. Optimize sound options and add two recording modes: System sound, System sound and Microphone.

2. Optimize the software interface.

3. Improve the stability of video recording.

4. Support recording MP3 audio format.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.2

1. Fix the problem of data loss when uploading videos in occasional cases.

2. Fix the problem of automatic detection of update messages.

Release Note 2022


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.1

1. Support to sign in with an Apple account.

2. Support French and Japanese.


Gemoo Recorder 1.1.0

1. Introducing instant uploading technology for quick communication, a shared link will be generated right after recording.

2. Enable you to interact with others through comments on the generated video page.

3. Enable you to re-crop the generated video, and add texts and CTA links to it.

4. Register and login to your Gemoo account, and manage your videos recorded on different devices with the same account.


Gemoo Recorder 1.0.0

1. Select to record screen, webcam, audio, or all at once.

2. Custom screen size to focus on the whole screen, part of it, or a specific window, like your browser or game app.

3. Annotate with brushes, shapes, numbers, and GIFs in real time.

4. Personalize the webcam with various filters, virtual backgrounds, and frames.

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