Record freely, Create flexibly

Record anything you need, screen, webcam, or voice. Create your videos in the way that fits you best.

Record, the way you like

Record your screen, webcam, browser tab, voice selectively or altogether, the choice is yours. Capture the entire screen or any portion of your screen. Be as flexible as you can, and get straight to things to be displayed.

Record or upload, right away

No need to install software or extension, just log in and start recording in seconds. Or, upload local files as you wish. You can now view all videos on any device anytime you want and share them all in just one link.

Gather videos from anywhere

Videos you valued are streaming on YouTube, Vimeo, or elsewhere? Just copy and paste the video link or embed code on Gemoo, and all videos gathering in one place for your convenience.

Versatile enough to handle your personality

Show your face, set an avatar, or change a visual background while presenting. Annotate with text or CTAs to fulfill your videos.

1. Be personalized while presenting

Show your face to be more interactive, set a visual background to protect privacy, or set a personalized avatar to let the audience focus on what you are saying.

2. Annotate anytime while recording

Annotating throws light on your ideas. Take numbers to emphasize crucial parts, add texts to provide context, drag and drop GIFs to get message across in an engaging way, use mouse effect to spark key points, and so on.

3. Have your videos your way

Make a rough cut on your videos to maintain the best and the most important, add text to better clarify your insights, set CTA to get the best value of your recordings, or change the thumbnails to make videos more attractive (only for videos you record with Gemoo).

Interact with others in the way you prefer

Engage with others through comments and feedback, also, you got two ways to share, privately to keep information safe or publicly to spread knowledge.

Interact faster with comments and feedback

Receive and respond more rapidly to users’ feedback, or check and confirm students’ homework in time. Also, promoting yourself from superiors’ feedback or peers’ kind sharing is awesome!

Share privately to stay secure

Invite certain crew members by adding their email addresses, or copy the link and send it to them privately. Keep team wiki in your hands, and get rid of worries about leaking privacy.

Share publicly to spread knowledge

Whether they’re training courses or inspiration triggers, you could now share with everyone all by one link. You can lock videos with specific passwords if you prefer.

Tip: You can authorize audiences to view or comment anytime!

Enjoy efficient communication with Gemoo - where clarity meets simplicity.

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