Move work forward faster on visually organized library

Visually organize your video recordings, screenshots, notes and docs in a clear hierarchy way with Gemoo, whether created via Gemoo, locally-uploaded or web-embeded. Empower yourself to clearly see how everything connects, and to be more productive and get work done faster.

  • Visual library for videos, screenshots, notes and docs

  • Multiple views that adapt to your requirement

  • No room occupied by web-embedded content

Better control, Faster work

Flexibly and intuitively organize all messages with the Gemoo 3-level management structure: Space>Topic>Card, get a bird's eye view of your work to see clearly what task needs to be followed up immediately, and move forward faster.

1.Space: Independently manage messages from different sources

Create spaces to categorize and store your messages for different purposes, and keep your tasks - whether at work or in life - organized and uninterrupted. Save your time on searching for content that you need for a specific usage.

2.Topic: Share the logic behind your messages clearly

3.Card: Stay on top of your tasks

See your messages your way

Custom view

Adjustable size and position of card windows provide more flexibility to your library organization. Important or urgent tasks can be seen at a glance by enlarging the size of the card window or placing it in the most prominent position to remind you and inform all recipients of the task priority.

Mind map view

The mind map view helps you visualize thoughts and ideas effortlessly, allowing content recipients to understand your logic at a glance. This makes collaboration and communication more efficient, helping identify potential problems early in the project process.

Calendar view

Track and plan tasks with the calendar view, so you and your content recipients can easily see which tasks are scheduled at any given time. You can adjust the schedule, and all changes will be synced to the content recipient automatically.

Slide view

Slide view empowers you to quickly browse your content and react efficiently. In this view, you can leave comments, give feedback, take notes and create cards without opening each detailed page. Save your time in interacting with large volumes of messages.

Accelerate your communication with well organized visual messages now.

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