Quickly create your screenshot in different ways

Take screenshots in a way you like: grab a selected area, the entire screen, window, or even enter URLs to generate full-page screenshots. You can also upload images directly from your computer.

Make your screenshots more informative and vivid

Edit your captures, add additional context and background to them, and your content can be way more attractive and understandable.

Edit & Annotate

Easily edit your screenshots: crop, rotate, or use Magnifier to display the specific area more precisely. Add personality and professionalism to them with our annotation toolset: brush, text, numbers, shapes, arrows, lines, etc.

Add background

Beautify your screenshot with visuals, by setting a system-provided photo, or any plain color as a background to your capture. It’s also allowed to add multiple images to the same background to create a guide.

Store and manage your screenshots in a visualized way

Manage your screenshots simultaneously on several devices, and make them structured through the mind map and calendar view.

Store in cloud

Automatically upload and save your captures to Gemoo Cloud. Save your time to find, open, and edit captures conveniently as you switch between devices.

Save to local storage

You can always choose to save your images locally if you don’t want them to the cloud. The choice is yours.

Group by categories

Group your screenshots as you need to Card or Topic, to locate and manage your content whenever you want in a second.

Organize visually

Keep all your screenshots organized, and display them in the mind map or calendar view, to make your content more structured and well-planned.

Use your screenshots as you want

Easily share and get feedback on your images. Always feel free to pin your screenshots, and recognize and copy text from images.


Anyone with permission can leave feedback for any specific elements of your shared image. To avoid texts overlapping images, Gemoo innovatively shows only number marks in the image, and displays full feedback next to it. You can reply to each of them to start communication.

Recognize text (OCR)

Grab text from the image you need, then copy or edit it directly. You can choose to copy one by one or all at once, saving you from retyping it manually.

Pin screenshot

Pin one or more captures to the top of your screen, to keep the information you need always visible.


Publicly or privately share with links and manage who has access to view and comment. Or directly copy to the clipboard.

Accelerate your communication with well organized visual messages now.

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