Express more than words

While elaborating with text, you can insert tables, audio, videos, images, and even embed YouTube videos to supplement and enrich your content, making the document more vivid and easy to understand.

  • Bring texts to life with multimedia

    List your to-dos in a table to keep things on track. Insert Gemoo Snap images to make your elaboration more visible. Add videos created by Gemoo Recorder to get your point across insightfully.

  • Embed webpages and YouTube videos

    Dip into contents of webpages and YouTube videos right from your docs by embedding highly valuable links. Take advantage of the rich resources on the Internet to amplify the value of your docs.

Organize docs to increase efficiency

Failed to find the document needed among the massive files? Organize docs from the very start. Apart from tapping keywords in the search bar, you can easily lay out docs by different views to clarify the timeline and priority.

Keep docs in order

Create an individual document or turn it into a sub-page of another main document, just sort docs out based on your case, to find every piece of info needed in seconds. Also, you can manage them well based on Mindmap, Calendar, or Slide view.

Let key docs stand out

Star the key documents or the frequently used ones, to help you locate them quickly and easily. Or, categorize docs into different groups by priority level or topic, so you could know exactly where to find the one you need immediately.

Interact smoothly in real-time

Pass on your point of view to others by sharing docs, and leaving comments and feedback. Be clear about your content value as you can see how many times the document has been viewed.

Share docs, leave comments, check view count

Share the essence of your thinking through one link. You own the right to decide who can view or comment. Also, check the data of how many times your content has been viewed, to know how valuable your content is to others.

Collaborate and exchange ideas through comments

Select specific text and highlight it, to leave point-to-point feedback. Share insights comprehensively below the docs, to exchange ideas with others. Work together to create in-depth content.

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