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What I’m Going to Do to Learn About My First 10 Customers


Last Updated: May. 04, 2023 | FEATURED IN: News

Hey all, Morgan here from Gemoo.

We recently started charging for our services, and I’m thrilled to share that we soon had 10 successful conversions after that, without any marketing efforts. I’m incredibly grateful for the support from my users. Even though 10 customers might not seem like much and I could still fail, I consider this to be my first sign of pre-success anyway.

10 Is Actually Amazing - Jason Lemkin

10 Is Actually Amazing – Jason Lemkin

My Current MRR and First 10 Customers

My Current MRR and First 10 Customers

However, I’m now looking for ways to learn more about these paying customers and how to involve them in product development. While I’ve tried to engage with my users in the past, Gemoo was previously free to use, and I believe that paying users have different needs and expectations. Engaging customers shouldn’t stop after the official launch, in fact, it’s just the beginning. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to know them better.

I would like to open a discussion on how to better understand our paying customers, and whether there are any differences compared to the way to know free users, and how paying users can contribute to product development. I have some ideas on how to proceed and would love to share them with you. Additionally, any thoughts or suggestions you may have on the matter are welcome.

Here’s what I’m planning to start and why:

💬 Start a 1v1 conversation with them all to know them better

Learning about these very first interested users will help me learn who might be experiencing this problem and interested in a solution, and I can tailor my marketing efforts and product development to better meet their needs.

Personally, I would say failing to measure the demographics and lead channels of these first conversions is a waste of an opportunity to learn about the potential market, especially now that I’m in the stage of finding the right market segments. Knowing them better could even help me refine the value propositions to better communicate the benefits of Gemoo to the target audience. Without this early information, I could lead my team in the completely wrong direction, which is fatal.

📝 Analyze their usage data

Tracking user behavior and identifying patterns will help me optimize Gemoo to better meet customers’ needs.

Track the loyalty of these first 10 paying customers to understand how likely they are to continue using Gemoo. Considering the stage Gemoo is in, engagement levels, not revenue numbers, are often a stronger indication of long-term product adoption. I’ll keep tracking their activities to see their engagement. In general, the first set of customers will inevitably serve as reference accounts, and the more engaged they are, the better references they’ll provide. This information may help me identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to retain customers.

On the other hand, to track whether they are referring others to Gemoo, referrals are a powerful way to acquire new customers and grow the business. Use feedback from them and data analysis to improve the customer experience.

🕵️ Use their positive reviews and referrals to attract new customers

It’s also important to continue marketing and promoting Gemoo to reach a wider audience, and positive reviews and stories from paying customers could be an endorsement. We received several emails from paying customers expressing how much value Gemoo provided to them, and this could be a solid review.

📤 Improve customer service

My first 10 customers tend to be the most important customers. Focus on retaining them by providing excellent customer service and ongoing support.

Please share your opinions if you’d like, and I’ll be happy to adjust my plan in light of them. Drop me a message via MorganKung7.


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