When you build a brand/ business, it takes a village. You don’t just have to create products and sell them. You have to optimize your user experience as well. Your content can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. How you organize, display and convey your content and information can be the breaking point of your business goals. Therefore, you must add value and organize your information correctly, keeping up with your users’ expectations.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture is the science and art of planning, organizing, arranging, and displaying your content on a website. It is the mainstay of your business. The form of expression through which you make your content accessible, reliable, and user-friendly. Please stick with us a little longer to get the answers to your question and learn more as you go through this article about what is information architecture.

If you are still confused about what is information architecture, picture a website. When you open a website, you find yourself accessing different web pages, images, audio, and other content that are there for you to fulfill your requirements. This is basically what information architecture is. It is a visual expression of your brand’s motives through your content. A way you portray and create your reality through your content.

Common Methodologies of Information Architecture

Information structuration and organization is a challenging tasks. Therefore the entire work is further divided into different methods so that everyone in the field focuses on improving and providing as much value as possible. The content you see on a website isn’t crafted by a single method, but various methods and ways come together to make it all catchy and informative for you. The various methods of information architecture are given below.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting is one of the most used methods of information Architecture. The basis of this method builds up on the expectations and requirements a user intends around a particular product or service being provided. To make it clearer, it is effortless to organize and arrange Information using this method. First, you begin with various tools to leverage and make card sorting easy and quick. Some of them include Maze, Miro, UserZoom optimal Workshop, etc. Open card sorting and Closed Cart sorting are two different types in this information architecture category. With the help of users, Information is structured, and participants are asked for their opinion to sort out the content with their best knowledge.


When you think of a website, your brain automatically pictures a layout, web pages, landing pages, etc. A website always is a source of Information for the users/ customers of a product/ service. A good website structure is crucial in grabbing customers’ attention. That’s where a wireframe steps into the game to save you. A wireframe, in simple terms, is a frame/the basic structural layout of a website. It aids the designers, team members, copywriters, and programmers in overcoming the communications hassle and efficiently meet your brand’s objectives.

An example of a Wireframe

An example of a Wireframe

Organization Schemes

One of the most basic methods of information architecture is organization schemes. This method involves connecting every individual piece of your content. This helps create harmony between the Information provided and entails value and hierarchy. Four different methods of organization schemes help us in fulfilling our goal.

One of them is the exact organizational scheme in which the content is arranged in a manner that needs to be more inclusive. This can be tricky for website users if they don’t carry any previous information.

The second one includes a chronology and arranges the content sequentially by date. This one is named Chronological schemes.

Let’s now talk about the third one, an alphabetical scheme. As the name suggests, the content is structured on the bases of the alphabet. Last and the least is geographical schemes. This scheme categorizes Information and content depending on the place and area. It is usually a tricky one to begin with information handling.

Content Inventory

Content inventory comprises a list and record of all the content available on your website. This includes images, audio, videos, stories, messages, applications, etc. It forms the core of your content. Having a clear idea about your brand’s aims and targets helps the designers and all the team members. Content inventory takes ample time and effort to reach its full potential and is still the most valued aspect of information architecture.

What Information Architects Do?

Information architects are a bridge between the user and the brand’s objectives. How does this make sense? A question starts occupying your intelligent mind. Information architects are a jack of all trades. They arrange, structure, organize and portray all the content on all the websites you access daily. They fill the gap between technical and non-technical team members. By understanding users’ mental expectations and needs, they provide solutions to your problems via content. They design, craft, analyze and execute content on your organization/ brand/ business site. With a knack of improvement, they are the backbone of your content.

Principles of Information Architecture

Principles of Information Architecture

FAQs on Information Architects

How long does it take to learn information architecture?

Like any other skill, learning and honing your skills as a graphic designer requires work, dedication, and effort. However, it depends on a person’s capabilities. You can get ahead quickly if you are passionate and success-oriented. It also varies depending on whether you prefer a 4- a year proper degree or some intermediate to expert-level courses, boot camps, etc.

What skills do you need to become an information architect?

A person who wants to become and make a career in information architecture should be tech-savvy. Since your entire work revolves around websites, and apps, having a command of technology dramatically assists. Moreover, a blend of skills like communication skills, branding, creativity, and knowledge of user interaction, leadership skills are enough to begin your journey.

Final Words

The concept of information architecture is still emerging but is the cornerstone of your brand/ business. How your Information is portrayed to your audience can change how they perceive it. If you need help updating your content, hiring an Information Architect might be the missing piece on your road to betterment. Great business struggles, but the right decisions always fix the obstacle. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments, and we will love to cater to you.


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