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Gemoo’s Website Platform Now is in Public Beta and Free to Use


Last Updated: Sep. 26, 2022 | FEATURED IN: News

We are now so excited to announce that Gemoo’s website platform is in public beta after 10 months of hard work, and all features are FREE to use now! Emoji Party Popper

Gemoo Website Platform Available

Gemoo Website Platform Available

Why do we bring Gemoo’s website platform?

“As a distributed team, we are located in different time zones. Keeping the whole team on the same page is a pain for us. Luckily, video messages make things simpler at first (that’s why we made Gemoo Recorder before). However, as we do more and more video messages, we began to get lost in the sea of video files. Sometimes, I got tens of video messages one day from my co-workers. It really was a pain for me to clear them out.

That’s when I started to think if there’s a tool to keep video messages clearly organized, so the recipients could understand the ideas intuitively and thoroughly without a bunch of notifications.”

– from Gemoo’s Co-founder Morgan Kung  Emoji Male

What’s new? Emoji New Mark

Now you can choose to record with: Gemoo Recorder, and the newly released Gemoo website platform – directly record videos from the webpage.

What’s more, we also make an update to the desktop Gemoo Recorder app, it now good fits the website platform, and the recorded videos will be directly uploaded to the Gemoo cloud.

Also, you should know that the features offered by each platform vary. Gemoo’s website platform can do more than just screen recording, and more.

So, what is the Gemoo website platform?

Gemoo is aimed to be an online platform for customizable communication & collaboration. Now, this version is only the FIRST step we take.

Gemoo now works to help you effectively record, organize, and share ideas with people, or you can just use it as a personal video knowledge base.

Gemoo Website Platform Overview

What outstanding features does Gemoo provide?

Emoji Check Mark The recording is more powerful and flexible: Record the screen, webcam, and microphone directly from the webpage in Gemoo. Or you can just upload or embed a video with a link. No need to download or open the desktop app anymore.

Emoji Check Mark Rich organization for your videos: What’s better is that you can keep your created video clips in different Cards, Topics, and Spaces, and organize them in a custom view or mind map (Calendar view and more are on their way… Emoji Coming Soon).

Emoji Check Mark Powerful annotations & quick edits for recording videos: You can record videos with abundant annotations, and unlimited CTAs to clarify your points and ideas. Also, you can do some quick edits for your recordings.

Emoji Check Mark Share videos with a simple link anytime: The videos can be shared publicly or privately, view only, or comment allowed, it is up to you. You can invite people to view and comment on your video clips.

Find out what is Gemoo and how to use it in Gemoo’s guide >>

Who does Gemoo work for?

Is this all about Gemoo?

Nope. As we said, this is only the FIRST step in our vision for a complete and customizable communication & collaboration platform. More features & tools are on the way. Please stay tuned, and the Gemoo team is very glad to hear your feedback/ideas, and don’t hesitate to comment! Emoji Smiling Face

Right now, have a try on Gemoo’s website platform!


The Gemoo Team is committed to building products that help people effectively communicate and collaborate.