Talk with Speaker Notes, Express with Confidence.

Speak smoothly and confidently like never before with TalkEze. Customize your text, scroll speed, and talking pace. Ensure that your videos reflect your true confidence and mastery of the subject matter.

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  • Live Stream
  • Online Meeting
  • Online Interview

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Invisible Scripts, Visible Confidence

What you seeWhat others see

Visible to you when recording, live streaming, and sharing screen while attending online meetings. The best companion when expressing yourself without pause in any video.

Invisible to audiences and other meeting attendees. They can only see a confident you, your fluent talk, and a concise video.

Align with Your Talking Style

Highly customizable text and scroll speed give you the freedom to talk in the way you're most comfortable with. Highlight your keywords with a text background, let you catch the key points at first sight. Pre-set scroll speed to fit your reading habits.

Express Easily without Interruption

Speak with grace, uninterrupted. TalkEze empowers you to position your scripts exactly where they’re needed, for natural and engaging video content. Seamlessly switch between windows and browser tabs without losing your scripts.

What People Are Saying About TalkEze

TalkEze is handy to use, and definitely the best assistant when I record videos and attend online meetings. The auto-scroll script keeps my thoughts on track so that I can speak fluently and confidently.

Claire Garcia

Sales Manager

I use TalkEze to scroll important points during training course recordings in case I make a mistake. The best part of it is that the script is visible to me when recording and live streaming, but invisible to the audience when playing back. Awesome!

David Lee


Talk with Speaker Notes, Express with Confidence.

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