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Record directly from Gemoo webpage

  • No downloading required, record videos directly from Gemoo webpage.
  • Enable you to re-crop the generated video, and add texts and CTA links to it.
  • Enable you to add timeline comments to interact with others on the generated video page.

App for Win & Mac: Record Screen, Audio or Webcam, Custom Screen Size, Real-time Annotation.

We’re thrilled to launch Gemoo Recorder, the best screen recorder with the following features:

  • Select to record screen, webcam, audio, or all at once.
  • Custom screen size to focus on the whole screen, part of it, or a specific window, like your browser or game app.
  • Annotate with brushes, shapes, numbers, and GIFs in real time.
  • Personalize webcam with various filters, virtual backgrounds, and frames.

Store videos right to Gemoo cloud and organize them as you prefer.

  • No time cost on uploading videos yourself, it will be uploaded automatically and a shareable link will be generated right after recording.
  • You can upload videos, or embed online videos by URLs or embed code.
  • Sort videos into different Topics and Spaces, and organize them in custom view as you like (mindmap and calendar view are on their way...)

Share organized videos in just one link

  • Generate shareable links instantly after you finish recording.
  • The videos can be shared publicly or privately, view only or comment allowed, it is up to you.
  • All videos are organized well in one link. Just paste, share and that’s it.

Gemoo now let you take full-page screenshots, upload images, and edit screenshots

Gemoo web app is now updated with new features to create and beautify screenshots:

  • Take full-page screenshots automatically in batches by simply entering URLs.
  • Upload images from your computer or local drive to the Gemoo cloud.
  • Annotate screenshots with toolset: brush, text, numbers, shapes, arrows, lines, etc.
  • To avoid annotated feedback overlapping images, Gemoo innovatively shows only number marks on the image, and displays full feedback next to it.
  • Easily crop or rotate your images, and blur the sensitive information with mosaics.
  • Beautify your screenshot with a system-provided photo or any plain color as a background.
  • With captures stored on the cloud, you can access or share them on any device anytime.

App for Win & Mac: Free app for taking quick screenshots that you just need

We’re so excited to bring Gemoo Snap - a cloud-based snipping app built to take and beautify screenshots you need for any usage, getting your current task done better and faster. Here are the features you can use in Gemoo Snap:

  • Screenshot Feedback - Take a screenshot, and add texts, lines, shapes, and mosaics as you need.
  • Screenshot & Beautify - Beautify your captures by adding backgrounds, rounding corners, and drawing shapes.
  • Quick Screenshot - Capture highlight moments instantly and store them on the cloud with shareable links.
  • Clipboard Screenshot - Snip and annotate what you want to share, copy to clipboard, and paste it anywhere.
  • Recognize Text (OCR) - Extract and copy uncopyable texts from images, videos, PDFs, websites, etc.
  • Pin Screenshot - Pin images as floating windows on your screen for easy reference and comparing.
  • Auto-upload to Cloud - With captures stored on the cloud, you can access them on any device anytime.

Mind Map view is now available in Gemoo

Now you can display your videos of each topic in Mind Map view, to show clear structure, or give your recipients step-by-step guidance.

Calendar view is now available in Gemoo

  • Display your videos of each topic in Calendar view, to show your timeline and schedule.
  • You can make quick and unique operations in Calendar view: change titles, add descriptions, select time duration, set repeat, etc.

Store screenshots in Gemoo cloud and organize them the way you like

Apart from videos, now you can also store and organize screenshots and images in Gemoo cloud.

  • Captures by Gemoo or Gemoo Snap are automatically stored on the cloud with instantly shareable links.
  • You can also upload images from your computer, or take full-page screenshots in batches by entering URLs.
  • Organize your screenshots (together with videos if you want) into different Topics and Spaces, and display them in Custom view, Mind Map view, or Calendar view as you like.

Share organized screenshots and videos instantly with a link

  • Share screenshots or uploaded images instantly with a link
  • Organize screenshots (and videos if you want) into different Cards, Topics, or Spaces, and share them together in one link.
  • Screenshots can be shared publicly or privately, view only or comment allowed, it is up to you.

Chrome Extension is out to take scrolling screenshots, webpage elements, and more

Gemoo Snap now comes with a Chrome Extension to give you more power and options to meet your different screenshot demands. With it, you can:

  • Take full-screen or specific-area scrolling screenshots, and stop at any point as you need.
  • Instantly capture an entire webpage in just one click.
  • Capture the visible part, a selected area, or any element you want on a webpage.
  • Choose to capture any app window, Chrome tab, or entire screen as you like.

Slide view is now available in Gemoo

Gemoo is now updated with the new Slide view, where you can quickly browse content and react efficiently, just like viewing slides. Save your time in dealing with large volumes of Messages.

  • Quickly view videos, images, audio, or documents in Slide view without entering each Message page.
  • Leave and browse comments or feedback of each Message right in Slide view.
  • View detailed information of Messages, such as title, description, size, format, etc.
  • Drag and drop Messages to move across Cards instantly.

Now you can choose to save screenshots locally or in the cloud

Gemoo Snap comes with a new update to enable you to choose whether to store your screenshots locally on your computer, or online in Gemoo Cloud.

Gemoo Snap is just updated to bring you a better experience

Gemoo Snap is just optimized to make your snipping experience more pleasant:

  • When capturing an area, you can now move the selection box slightly and accurately with arrow keys.
  • Apart from copying all text via OCR, you can also copy just a single line as you need.
  • It’s super easy to place multiple screenshots on one background as a collage.

Note down and express your ideas with expressive documents in Gemoo

Now you can note your ideas down on Gemoo Docs, combined with videos, images, and audio to be more expressive and engaging. Leave comments and feedback to exchange ideas with others, creating in-depth and comprehensive content together.

  • Apart from text, you can insert tables, audio, videos, and images into your document to supplement and enrich your content.
  • Add videos, audio, and images from your Gemoo Library, also embed webpages and YouTube videos as you need.
  • Organize documents as you need. Save them as individual docs, or turn any of them into a sub-page of another main document to complement the information. Also, you can categorize docs into different groups to keep them in order. Or, lay out them in Mindmap, Calendar, or Slide view to get more visualized.
  • Star the key and frequently used documents to help you locate them quickly and easily.

Share organized documents with a link and see how many times it’s been viewed

Apart from videos and screenshots, now you can also share documents with anyone and anywhere via a link instantly.

  • Share documents you created in Gemoo instantly with a link.
  • Organize documents (together with videos and images if you want) into different Cards, Topics, or Spaces, and share them together in one link.
  • Documents can be shared publicly or privately, view only or comment allowed, it is up to you.
  • You can see how many times each document has been viewed, to know how valuable your content is to others.

Take notes for messages easily and quickly in Slide View

Not just viewing or commenting, now you can also take notes for each video, audio, image, or document you create or receive, easily and quickly in Slide View.

  • Besides plain texts, you can also insert images, bulleted lists, and numbered lists in your notes.
  • Create time-stamped notes for videos and audio recorded using Gemoo.
  • Take a time-stamped screenshot of your video in a click and save it in your notes.
  • Export your notes as documents and store them in your Document Library automatically.
  • You can choose whether or not to share your notes while sharing the messages.

Download option is available now

Gemoo is just updated to enable you to download your screen recordings and images now.

  • Download the videos and audio you uploaded or recorded with Gemoo.
  • Download the images you uploaded or captured with Gemoo, one by one or in bulk as you wish.

Embed Spaces, Topics, and Images anywhere you want

Apart from links, now you can also choose to share your Spaces, Topics, or Images by embedding them. Feel free to copy the embed code, and paste it to any webpage you want.

Gemoo Snap 2.0 is released with new features for capturing and beautifying

Gemoo Snap is updated to version 2.0, with new features to cover more usages you may need:

  • Take full-screen or specific-area scrolling screenshots, automatically or manually, and stop at any point you want.
  • With pre-set canvas sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can turn randomly-sized screenshots into a perfect fit for different posts or profile covers in a click.
  • Beautify your screenshots easily by adding window mockups, color frames, and shadows.
  • Automatically identify and redact sensitive information, like IP addresses, emails, credit cards, and phone numbers, in one click. Prevent unintentional privacy leaks.
  • You can lay out one or multiple screenshots on the background in a click, or drag and drop to place them the way you like.

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