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Just 3 steps to get full access of FocuSee

Invite Friends

Log in to your Gemoo account to get your exclusive link, and then share your exclusive link with your friends through email or other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Whatsapp.

Get Benefits

Once a friend successfully registers, both you and your friend will enjoy the full access to FocuSee for 1 month.The more friends you invite, the more access days you will receive.

Enjoy Benefits

Invitation rewards will be directly credited to your account after successfully inviting friends. Simply log in to the software and enjoy the fun of video creation.

FAQs about the referral program

How do I recommend friends to use FocuSee?

Click on "Claim your exclusive link" on this page, enter your email address to generate a unique link. Then, share your unique link with anyone you want to invite to use FocuSee. Once someone successfully registers through your link, you will be listed as their referrer, and both of you will enjoy the full access to FocuSee for 1 month.

How do I get referral rewards?

When someone successfully registers through your link, your account will be automatically upgraded to FocuSee VIP.

How long can I get full access for?

You have the potential to receive up to 6 months of complete access. Recommend FocuSee to everyone you know! The more friends you invite, the greater the number of access days you will receive.

How do I know if the friends I recommend have registered for FocuSee?

You will receive an email notification when the users you recommended successfully register for FocuSee. The benefits will be automatically credited to your account, and you can check the status of your account.

Am I eligible for VIP privileges if I recommend someone who has already registered for FocuSee?

No. Only when you recommend friends who have not registered for FocuSee before, the rewards will be effective.

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